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Joe Biden, his wife Jill (right), Kamala Harris and her husband Doug (left) celebrate | AP As Joe Biden, President-elect of the United States, settles in the driver’s seat after a bitterly-contested and divisive election in that country, the rest of the world prepares for a transition that many hope will restore institutional stability to the conduct of US foreign policy. Like other states, Pakistan too has to brace itself for Biden’s four years. The obvious question is whether the Biden presidency will be any different for Pakistan than the Trump presidency or, more pertinently, Barack Obama’s two terms, when Biden was vice president. To answer this question, let’s look beyond Donald Trump’s Twitter  covfefeing  perception to the actual conduct of his foreign policy. That should position us to analyse what US-Pakistan relations may look like under Biden. WHAT LIES AHEAD What is it that Trump did which Biden would not have done, or won’t do? The two men are as different as chalk