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Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar- Burma by Buddhist Terrorists

The Turkish foreign minister and wife of Turkish Prime mister visited oppressed Muslims of Burma to console and help them. Turkey is a secular country with Muslim majority but; Where are the so called the leaders and rulers of Muslim countries who claim to be champion of cause of Islam and Muslims?  Busy to please their Masters to protect their ill-gotten wealth and Power! Present Turkish government truly represents the sentiments of their people and the Muslims world  over. Its time for Turkey to come forward to take on the leadership role of Muslim world, with or  WITHOUT the title Caliphate. Its the spirit which matters not the title... Allah may bless the peole and present leadership of Turkey. 
Türk Başbakanı bayım bir Türk dışişleri bakanı ve karısı onları teselli ve yardıma Birmanya mazlum Müslümanların ziyaret etti. Türkiye, Müslüman çoğunluğa sahip laik bir ülke ama; nereye kadar liderleri ve İslam ve Müslümanların neden şampiyon olduğunu iddia eden Müslüman ülkelerin yöneticileri denir? Bunların haram zenginlik ve güç korumak için kendi Masters lütfen Meşgul! Mevcut Türk hükümetinin gerçekten insanlarını ve üzerinde Müslümanlar dünyanın duyguları temsil eder.Başlığı Halifeliğin veya OLMADAN, İslam dünyasının liderliği rolünü üstlenmesi için öne çıkmaya Türkiye için zamanı. Onun değil başlığı önemli ruhu ... Allah, Türkiye'nin tam insanlar ve mevcut liderlik kutsasın 
زار وزير الخارجية التركي وزوجة سيد رئيس الوزراء التركي المسلمين المضطهدين في بورما لتعزية ومساعدتهم. تركيا دولة علمانية ذات غالبية مسلم لكن، أين هي ما يسمى قادة وحكام الدول مسلم الذين يدعون أنهم من بطل قضية الإسلام والمسلمين؟ مشغول لإرضاء أسيادهم لحماية هذه الثروات غير المشروعة، والسلطة! الحكومة التركية الحالية تمثل حقا مشاعر شعوبهم والعالم أكثر من المسلمين. في وقت لتركيا على المضي قدما لتولي الدور القيادي للعالم مسلم، مع أو من دون لقب الخلافة. في الروح التي لا يهم عنوان ... صلى الله على قيادة peole والحاضر من تركيا

Myanmar has a Buddhist majority. The Muslim minority in Myanmar mostly consists of the Rohingya people and the descendants of Muslim immigrants from India (including what is now Bangladesh) and China (the ancestors of Chinese Muslims in Myanmar came from the Yunnan province), as well as descendants of earlier Arab and Persian settlers. Indian Muslims were brought to Burma by the British to aid them in clerical work and business. After independence, many Muslims retained their previous positions and achieved prominence in business and politics.

Arakan (Rakhine) province of today’s Burma was an independent kingdom for much of its history. “A vast region stretching from western Burma to the Bengal region, Arakan was weakened when war broke out with the Mughal rulers in India, especially when it lost the Chittagong region to the Mughals. The region’s weaker position and instability led to its annexation to the Burmese state.”
The British invaded and controlled the state, but after the end of World War II, they granted the state its independence, in 1948. The Arakan people demanded their own independence. They did not accept the “self rule” awarded to them by the Socialist government under General Ne Win in 1974. Arakan Muslim “mujahideen” led an armed rebellion to create an Islamic state. However, they were a minority among the people of the region, who belonged to various sections of the pluralist Burmese society. 

Human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims

According to Amnesty International, the Muslim Rohingya people have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese junta since 1978, and many have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh as a result.
As of 2005, the UNHCR had been assisting with the repatriation of Rohingya from Bangladesh, but allegations of human rights abuses in the refugee camps have threatened this effort.
Map of Burma

Despite earlier efforts by the UN, the vast majority of Rohingya refugees have remained in Bangladesh, unable to return because of the regime in Myanmar. Now they face problems in Bangladesh where they do not receive support from the government. In February 2009, many Rohingya refugees were helped by Acehnese sailors in the Strait of Malacca, after 21 days at sea.

Over the years thousands of Rohingya also have fled to Thailand. There are roughly 111,000 refugees housed in 9 camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. There have been charges that groups of them have been shipped and towed out to open sea from Thailand, and left there. In February 2009 there was evidence of the Thai army towing a boatload of 190 Rohingya refugees out to sea. A group of refugees rescued
by Indonesian authorities also in February 2009 told harrowing stories of being captured and beaten by the Thai military, and then abandoned at open sea. By the end of February there were reports that of a group of 5 boats were towed out to open sea, of which 4 boats sank in a storm, and 1 boat washed up on the shore. February 12, 2009 Thailand's prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said there were "some instances" in which Rohingya people were pushed out to sea.
KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch has said that his party would motivate all Islamic movements going on across the world against the genocide of the Muslims of Myanmar wherein the Buddhists extremists had been carrying out massacre of the Muslims in minority and were setting their homes and colonies ablaze under the government patronage. Criticising the international community’s criminal silence over the genocide of Muslims of Myanmar, he said that the international community had been quite partisan and silent over the broad day light genocide of the Muslims, which was a sheer manifest of double standard.He said this while addressing a huge protest rally in Burmi Colony late Thursday night. Other leaders also addressed on the occasion. Liaquat Baloch said that the Red Crescent and other welfare organisations at the international level should provide an opportunity to the Al-Khidmat Foundation for carrying out welfare work in Myanmar.He said that it was the obligation of the Muslims of the world that they should raise their voices against the ongoing manslaughter of the Muslims in Myanmar and leave no stone unturned in taking care of the affected Muslims. It was a matter of great concern that the government of Pakistan and political parties had ignored pathetic conditions of the Muslims there in Myanmar while the anti-Islam forces had been bent upon inflicting insult to the Muslims and the Islam all over the world. He regretted that the eminent human rights activist Aung Saan Suu Kyi was also silent over the atrocities of the Muslim minority in Myanmar and the government of Bangladesh had closed its boundaries to the migrants from Myanmar but it should open the ways to accommodate them as India being a radical Hindu dominated country would never extend humanitarian support to the affected Muslims. Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan, however, would never leave Muslims of Myanmar at the mercy of the nature, he said. Speaking on the occasion, JI Karachi Chief Mohammad Hussain Mahenti said that the Muslims were being exposed to genocide and only in Myanmar, around 90,000 Muslims were forced to leave their homes. He also condemned the world human rights organisations and international community over their silence on genocide of the Muslims.
Some pictures of Genocide of Muslims:

Myanmar Cruel monks call for shunning Muslim Rohingya community: 

The monks have reportedly urged people through pamphlets to block humanitarian aid to the community. PHOTO: INDEPENDENT.CO.UK SCREENSHOT

Monks in Myanmar are reportedly trying to fuel ethnic tensions by telling people to shun and block humanitarian aid to the Rohingya community, a Muslim community that has suffered decades of abuse, reports
Certain monk organisations have been reportedly issuing pamphlets describing the Rohingya as “cruel by nature” and claiming that the community had plans to exterminate other ethnic groups.
“In recent days, monks have emerged in a leading role to enforce denial of humanitarian assistance to Muslims, in support of policy statements by politicians,” said Chris Lewa, director of the Arakan project, a regional NGO.
“A member of a humanitarian agency in Sittwe told me that some monks were posted near Muslim displacement camps, checking on and turning away people they suspected would visit for assistance.”
The Young Monks’ Association of Sittwe and Mrauk Oo Monks’ Association have both released statements urging locals not to associate with the group, reports the
The Rohingya have been displaced and are currently living in camps as political leaders are working on expelling them from the country.
Earlier this month, Burma’s president Thein Sein attempted to hand over the group to the UN refugee agency.
Bangladesh, already home to a Rohingya refugee population estimated at 300,000, had earlier turned away more migrants and has sealed its 200-kilometre border with Myanmar.
The Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for centuries, but were stripped of citizenship in 1982 by military ruler Ne Win.
The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have also threatened to attack Myanmar to avenge crimes against the Muslim Rohingya, unless Pakistan halts all relations with the government and shuts its embassy in Islamabad.


By Web Desk, 
Published: July 26, 2012

“To those against whom war is made permission is given (to fight) because they are wronged and verily Allah is Most powerful for their aid. (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right (for no cause) except that they say "Our Lord is Allah." Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another there would surely have been pulled down monasteries churches synagogues and mosques in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid His (cause); for verily Allah is Full of Strength Exalted in Might.(Qur’an;22:39-40).” “Those who believe and adopt exile and fight for the faith in the cause of Allah as well as those who give (them) asylum and aid these are (all) in very truth the believers: for them is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous.”(Qur’an;8:75). 

Myanmar Muslims have right to defend themselves against oppressions, genocide and persecution. Every human, Muslim or non Muslim should help them, pray for them and urge Myanmar government to protect its Muslim citizens to live in peace.

Myanmar threatened over Rohingya

Bangkok Post - 
The jailed Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has threatened to wage war if Myanmar continues to harm Muslim Rohingyas. The threat is contained in a letter to Myanmar President Thein Sein that was released by supporters of Bashir.

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