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Freedom at risk ! آزادی خطرے میں ہے

One of the abiding myths of the last half of the 20th century was that democracy, combined with free trade, would lead to liberal societies and peace between nations.The leading example of this notion was the United States. And indeed, in the 1950s and 1960s, it did seem to be the Promised Land. To the rest of us, Hollywood films depicted a nation where large cars and suburban homes were every American’s birthright.During the Vietnam War, some of this image lost its gloss, but the American Dream continued to draw millions to the United States. The rest of the world was told that if we attained democracy and applied the capitalist model, we, too, could aspire to a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot.And when the Soviet Union went into meltdown a quarter century ago, this was taken as the final victory of the American model over communism. History, as Francis Fukuyama famously announced, was dead. For a brief, euphoric moment, we thought the end of the Cold War would usher in…

Asad killing Syrians with chemical gasses

'They Were Just Struggling to Breathe’
by David Kenner,

BEIRUT — Dr. Mohammed Tennari first saw the six members of the Talib family when they were carried into his cramped field hospital in northern Syria on the night of March 16. They had been taking refuge in the basement of their home in the town of Sarmin when a barrel bomb filled with chemical gases struck their house. The gas, being heavier than air, quickly filtered down into the basement, poisoning the family.Tennari and his team struggled to revive the three small children, their mother, father, and grandmother, as life slipped away from them, he explained to me in a Skype call earlier this month from his field hospital in Sarmin. Everything smelled of bleach; the doctor himself felt nauseous from the fumes, and one of the nurses fainted. All six family members would die.“There were no wounds, no bleeding, they were just struggling to breathe,” he said of the attack. “Their lungs were filled with liquid …

China Readies $46 Billion for Pakistan Trade Route- WSJ

A cornerstone of the Chinese investment project will be to develop the Pakistani port of Gwadar, on the doorstep of the Middle East.A cornerstone of the Chinese investment project will be to develop the Pakistani port of Gwadar, on the doorstep of the Middle East. Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to unveil a $46 billion infrastructure spending plan in Pakistan that is a centerpiece of Beijing’s ambitions to open new trade and transport routes across Asia and challenge the U.S. as the dominant regional power.The plan, known as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, draws on a newly expansive Chinese foreign policy and pressing economic and security concerns at home for Mr. Xi, who is expected to arrive in Pakistan on Monday. Many details had yet to be announced publicly.“This is going to be a game-changer for Pakistan,” said Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistan’s planning minister, who said his country could link China with markets in Central Asia and South Asia.“If we become the bridge between the…

Yemen war linked with Syria

Fighting in Yemen is a result of regional crises involving Iran, particularly in Syria and Iraq, where it is fighting in defense of its allies. This war began in the streets, then developed into geopolitical confrontations between an Iranian axis and an Arab Gulf axis. Iran has sacrificed men, and provided arms and funds, out of fear for the survival of the Assad regime, its ally in Syria. It has done the same in Iraq to save its allies. Keep reading>>>

Iran Nuclear deal: Next Pakistan?

Peace-Forum Hardly a week after the Iran deal was announced, the New York Times — which often reflects official US policy — editorially propagated that attention be turned to constraining Pakistan’s nuclear and strategic capabilities. The issue was also covered by other US media.

Yemen colonial cauldron

Peace-Forum The Yemen crisis cannot be understood in isolation; this is a conflict that requires understanding of the recent history of the region.
If we were to dismiss history, and what has been played out over the decades post Syke-Picot 1916 and view the Yemeni crisis through a reductionist prism, then yes, the crisis in Yemen is about Saudi and Iran using their proxies to fight it out; yes, it is about a Sunni-Shia conflict which risks spreading in the region; yes, it is about the hegemonic ambitions of the Saudis and Iranians; yes, it is about Saudi trying to flex its muscles while Iran is being brought in from the cold as exemplified by the preliminary nuclear agreement in Lausanne; however, anyone with a insight into the region, colonial penetration and global structures, will come to the conclusion that the Yemeni crisis is just another in a series of conflicts in the region, in which colonial powers are embedded with various factions fighting for influence, penetration and a g…

Bernard Lewis, Oded Yinon's Zionist Plans for Division of Middle East and How to counter ? برنارد لويس، عوديد ينون خطط صهيونية لتقسيم الشرق الأوسط وكيفية مواجهة؟

برنارد لويس، عوديد ينون خطط صهيونية لتقسيم الشرق الأوسط وكيفية مواجهة؟ The present turmoil in the Muslim world which affects the world peace is of special concern to Pakistan being a deeply affected country. Pakistan has lost over sixty thousand people in the terrorist attacks while economic cost is estimated to be over  $ 100 Billions. While some terrorists are killed in the US drone attacks in FATA [Federal Administered Tribal Area] along Afghanistan border, majority of victims are civilians, women and children. Pakistan Army has broken the back of Taliban terrorists firstly by evicting them from Swat and almost wiped them out in North Waziristan single handily, while coalition of many nations lead by USA is  fighting them in Afghanistan and Middle East. The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has destabilised the region. Iraq, Syria have been ripped apart, while Islamic State [IS] has emerged as a power player, its neither “Islamic” nor “sta…