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Question#1: What is the purpose of PFN (Peace Forum Network)? Reduce ignorance by sharing information and knowledge among Muslims and followers of different faiths & cultures for tolerance, compassion and peaceful coexistence. To promote peace, stability & interfaith harmony by following universally accepted golden principles of ethics and morality also laid down by Islam. To expose misinterpretation of Islamic holy texts by terrorists to justify killing of innocent people and by ignorants to malign Islam. Exhort the sympathizers of extremists among religious community and society to play effective role for religious tolerance and peace. Remove misconceptions and counter false propaganda by Islamophobes. Importance of Counter Narrative to defeat the terrorist ideology. (details <here>). Monotheism  (Towheed), unity under ‘One God’ can help bring people closer, the differences should be accepted as part of Divine plan: ".... Unto every one of you have…

Top 10 Conflicts , World has to live in with in 2017

The world is entering its most dangerous chapter in decades. The sharp uptick in war over recent years is outstripping our ability to cope with the consequences. From the global refugee crisis to the spread of terrorism, our collective failure to resolve conflict is giving birth to new threats and emergencies. Even in peaceful societies, the politics of fear is leading to dangerous polarization and demagoguery.
It is against this backdrop that Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States — unquestionably the most important event of last year and one with far-reaching geopolitical implications for the future. Much has been said about the unknowns of Trump’s foreign-policy agenda. But one thing we do know is that uncertainty itself can be profoundly destabilizing, especially when it involves the most powerful actor on the global stage. Already, jittery allies from Europe to East Asia are parsing Trump’s tweets and casual bluster. Will he cut a deal with Russia over …