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07 January 2016

Genesis of Terror & Road to Peace

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After 911, the world is in turmoil. The history of violence can be traced back to Russian (ex USSR) invasion of Afghanistan in 80's, followed by war in Afghanistan actively supported by USA, which abandoned Afghans after defeat of ex USSR. After Al-Qaida & Taliban, new terror groups like Daesh (wrongly called IS or Islamic State is neither Islamic nor State) in the Middle East, North Africa and Boko Haram in Nigeria have emerged. Daesh is radicalising young Muslims in USA, West, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other parts of the world through social media but the number is small. No integrated response to expose and defeat the twisted ideology of terror exists to defeat the radicalisation for recruitment. 

Daesh came in to existence due to US policies and Sectarian policies of Iraqi regime supported by its neighbour. Syrian oppressor ruler has added further impetus to the war. Daesh controlled area is land locked, surrounded by opponents. Mysteriously it is getting latest weapons, logistic support and money. Russia has also joined to support regime in Syria and to appease  Iran.  USA, West, Turkey and Arab allies (except Syria, Iraq) on one side and Russia, Syria Iran, Iraq are trying to contain this  menace. However due to complex, conflicting geostrategic interests of opponents, Daesh is surviving. Israel is the biggest beneficiary of the this situation, the attention and resources of its opponents are directed away. 

The issue is very complex with no solution for peace in sight. A collection of opinion,views & analysis by experts may provide some understanding leading to some sort of road to peace:

  • ISIS Daesh : neither Islamic nor state terrorists recruited, funded trained by imperialists implement their agenda.   
  • Frankenstein the CIA created - From Mujahideen to Al-Qaida , Takfiri Taliban .. Daesh, ISIS...  
  • Paris Attack like 911 & Pearl Harbour to seduce France in to war against Muslims: Several writers, including...  
  • Bernard Lewis Plan to Carve up Middle East . Paris attack & Daesh could be part of Anti Muslim agenda.......
  • Operation Zarb-e-Azb (Urdu: آپریشن ضربِ عضب ALA-LC: Āpres̱ẖan Ẓarb-i ʿAẓb pronounced [ɑːpreːʃən zərb-e əzb]) is a...
  • 50,000 killed, $80 billion loss incurred in war on terror, in Pakistan world apathy
  • ISIS, Daesh, Boko Haram, Taliban - Illogical Logic of Terrorists to kill innocent people on name of Islam -...
  • THE SPIRIT OF MUSLIM CULTURE: “Muhammad of Arabia ascended the highest Heaven and returned. I swear by God that...
  • Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam: By Muhammad Iqbal:
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