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26 May 2014

Judaism & Zionism

“Judaism is a religion of spirituality to serve God thousands of years old. Zionism is only around a hundred years old. it is the transformation of religion to nationalism , to materialism created by non-religious Jews who hated the religion. The reason they used the name Israel and the Star of David hijacking, stealing the identity of Judaism from the Jewish people in order to get legitimacy for their existence. That people should say oh it’s God given to them, and they should put fear and intimidate people from speaking up against their actions because they will call them antiemetic. It couldn’t be anything further from the truth. As I said the best friends of the Jewish people is Turkey, the best friends of the Jewish people is all the Muslim countries who have helped the Jews all the time when they ran away from their problems in other lands so how could you say this? It’s something totally different. It’s a political, selfish, flawed movement called Zionism that has no legitimacy to exist. It’s against the Torah.

May I just say one thing. .. it’s against the Torah in its essence!

The concept for Jews to have a state is expressly forbidden in the Torah, in the Jewish teaching since the destruction of the temple two thousand years ago. We were told by the almighty in a prophecy of King Solomon that we are forbidden to have our own entity, our own state, our own kingdom even in an uninhabited land and this was held by all Jews around the world for thousands of years and it makes it worse. It compounds the sin. The crime in having the state because this state of Israel that these nationalists made it in Palestine made it in a land that was inhabited by the majority of Muslim people by Palestinian people. So to steal their land, to kill, to oppress, to banish them from their home, it flies in the face and contradicts everything from the Torah that says;

thou shall not kill,
thou shall not steal,
that one has to emulate God, be compassionate so they use our identity to rebel against God, to desecrate Gods name and create a rift between Jews and Muslims and to make a river, an endless river of blood for Muslims, for the Palestinian people, and death for the Jewish people also”.

Rabbi Weiss

Rabbi Weiss - Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion

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