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Ajit Doval: The Indian who wants to ‘destroy’ Pakistan?

After reading the title you must wonder, so what? There are plenty of Indians who want to ‘destroy’ Pakistan - there always were and there always will be – that is the sad reality. But this one, my friends, is a little different. He has the knowhow, the expertise, and most importantly, now he has the resources and power to inflict damage upon not only the people of Pakistan, but also countless, defenseless Indian minorities. And he has done it before. So all peace-loving people from Khyber to Kerala – sit up and read carefully.

Ajit Kumar Doval was born into an Indian Army family in Uttarakhand in 1945. After graduating in 1967 with a degree in economics from Agra University, he joined the Indian Police Service (IPS). His early years were spent fighting against the Mizo National Front (MNF) insurgency in Assam where he earned a reputation for bribing and turning insurgent operatives into counter-insurgents.During this time he also operated within Chinese sovereign territory, staging terrorist attacks against the Chinese government, leading to civilian deathsin the process. A colleague of his from that time, Haba Ram, (TOI) detailed thathis main motivation was not strictly professional but stemmed from a deep hatred of anyone and anything non-Hindu which he perceived as a threat to his notion of Hinduism - a misguided notion of the religion which is advocated today by ultra-right-wing Hindu fascist organizations such as the RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh(RSS) and to which the new PM of India, NarendraModi also ascribes to. (However, there is no evidence that he was actually a member of any such organizationat that time.)

After the Mizo Insurgency ended in 1986, Doval was transferred to Indian Punjab which was in the midst of a freedom struggle by the persecuted Sikh minority, called the Khalistan movement. In 1989, during Indira Gandhi’s Operation Black Thunder, security forces were sent to storm the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the holiest site for the Sikh religion. Several weeks before the storming, Doval, posing as a friendly agent, entered the holy site (source needed)and reported back the positions of the defenders. Even though he was aware of the large presence of civilians inside he did nothing to avoid civilian casualties – leading to the Indian Army massacring hundreds of women and children in an unprecedented and unprovoked catastrophe. For his ‘heroism’ he was promoted and was soon organizing the rigging of the 1992 Punjab State Elections in favour of parties who were controlled by the ruling Hindu majority.

Doval was then sent to Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) in the early 90’s, where there was another freedom struggle underway. He once again used his expertise in blackmail, bribery and intimidation to convert a small group of insurgents into counter-insurgents. This though proved ineffectual; however it did sow confusion amongst other groups of freedom fighters, leading them to go further underground for a time.

For his efforts, in 2000, he was appointed Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) – the 2nd most powerful Indian spy agency after RAW. This allowed him to go on the offensive. From 2001 to 2005 he planned terrorist acts in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Specifically, he was instrumental in increasing the amount of funds and weapons going to Indian trained terrorists in Balochistan who then killed countless Pakistani civilians in indiscriminate bombings. Such attacks also occurred in Lahore and Karachi and were part of Doval’s and the Indian Intelligence communities’ strategy of violently destabilizing Pakistan from within. In China, he provided funding to Tibetan secessionists. Doval had to retire in 2005, because the right wing government that had appointed him lost power.

But now he’s back. India’s new right wing PM, Modi, appointed him National Security Advisor (NSA) this June – a position that grants him tremendous influence over Indian foreign overt and covert policy and a plethora of resources to wage his crusade of madness. State controlled media in India is terming it as the ‘return of the superspy’and ‘the spy who came in from the cold,’ - But Doval has never been far from influential intelligence circles in Delhi. Since his retirement he has been advising RAW chiefs and also publishing papers on intelligence. In 2009 he was the founding member of the Vivekananda International Foundation, a group of right-wing Hindu nationalist ‘commentators’ with close ties to the RSS and RAW, who are masquerading as a think-tank. In one of his many anti-Pakistan papers titled‘Internal Security — Need for Course Correction’, he wrote that ‘the Indian security establishment has become lax in its attitude towards Pakistan…Indian foreign policy must re-gear itself to go on the offensive against its enemy Pakistan by funding, arming, training and directing non-state actors to wage a campaign of chaos within Pakistan by exacerbating existing sectarian and ethnic differences through violence…India will never be secure until Pakistan is destroyed, China is silenced, and Muslim and Sikh anti-state groups in India are forever extinguished.’

With such blatantly fascist and racist views Ajit Kumar Doval now joins a growing number of anti-Pakistancampaigners in the new BJP government. The world must sit up and take notice. If Doval and his goons have their way, they will unleash a torrent of suffering upon the innocent people of the subcontinent - Muslim, Sikh and Hindu alike. The only thing standing against the barbaric machinations of such men will be the actions of good men. That is why, most importantly, Pakistan’s government and its security establishment must be on their guard. The world cannot afford to ignore another Nazi party.
Ajit Doval: The Indian who wants to ‘destroy’ Pakistn. By Hassan Qureshi


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