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14 October 2015

Islam under attack by modern time crusaders

Modern crusaders are using ISIS to not only harm Islam, but they are also fanning enmity against Muslim communities.
It is a fact that some Western circles wanting to finish off Islam are involved in an all-out campaign to not only harm Islam but to totally eradicate it. These are the modern day crusaders.

Today, Islam, a religion of peace, tranquility and security, is being portrayed as the cause of evil and terrorism.

You only have to look at the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) to see what this is all about. ISIS stands for everything that is un-Islamic. ISIS is trying to legitimize its atrocities and barbarism through Islam, which is simply a clear indicator of who ISIS is serving.

You only have to look at the bombing in Ankara last Saturday that killed about 100 people and wounded more than 200 to see what ISIS is capable of.

It is high time the Islamic scholars and wise men came together and started telling the world what true Islam is all about. Yet we see with sadness that Muslim scholars and men of wisdom are as bewildered as we are in the face of the assaults against Islam. We cannot see any meaningful dialogue among them. We do not see any form of meaningful cooperation among them. All we see is goodwill messages and well wishes.

You only have to look at the disasters that were suffered during the hajj in Mecca to see the Islamic world is still far from getting its act together. We need a concerted effort but the lack of spirit of solidarity during the hajj incidents show we still have a long way to go.

Islamophobia is not only threatening Islam but it is seriously harming Islamic communities in Western countries. The modern day crusaders are not only using ISIS to harm Islam but they are also fanning enmity against Islamic communities in Europe.

This is a wakeup call.

Turkey's DİB has been making an effort to get people to cooperate, force religious leaders of various countries to unite their forces and counter disgusting organizations like ISIS. But this needs a lot of effort and solidarity.

Mehmet Görmez, the head of the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) inaugurated the Asia and Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders Summit in Istanbul yesterday calling on the Muslims of the world to unite against the ongoing threats targeting Islam.
Let us hope the summit in Istanbul serves this purpose.