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01 April 2018

Christian Zionism : The Real Threat to The World Peace

Donald Trump, the US president recently announced his decision to shift US embassy to Jerusalem. This unjust decision is against the UN resolutions and stand of community of nations across the globe. This has created turbulence among the peace loving people across the globe.  The terrorists of ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaida are criticised to use religion for political gains and power. Same analogy applies to the so called secular democracy – The USA to support Zionism on religious grounds, termed as Christian Zionism.
His own national security team opposed the decision. But for many white evangelical Christians, 81 percent of whom voted for Trump, it was great news. According to a recent poll released by the Brookings Institution, 53 percent of American evangelicals (followers of Christian Zionism) supported Trump’s decision, while only 40 percent opposed it. (Sixty-three percent of all Americans opposed the decision.)
The policies of the lone super power and the country with the largest Christian population has direct affects the world peace. Any mischievous group through conspiracies and wickedness should not be given a free hand to use this giant nations as a tool to implement their heinous agenda of world domination. 
Therefore there is need to analyse the Zionist claims form Bible, its validity in present environment in the light of UN Charter of human rights, US internal social, politico-religious dynamics and its role in Middle East. This may enable to make this world a better, peaceful place for the humanity...........

In this era of freedom and liberty, every member of humanity enjoys freedom of faith and freedom of religion, as long as the religious beliefs of one community do not threaten the freedom and peace of others. When this freedom is not respected, it results into conflict, war, human rights violation compromising peace. This is exactly the reason of condemnation of Zionism or any other similar concept, be it terrorists like Al-Qaida, ISIS, Daesh, Bokoharam or Takfiri Taliban (TTP). Enforcing your beliefs upon others by force is terrorism in simple words. The Zionists justify forceful occupation of Palestine, eviction, oppression, apartheid, inhuman behaviour and violence to deny their basic human rights on the pretext of their highly controversial interpretations of biblical texts and prophecies, even rejected by majority Christians and religious Jews. If the Zionist analogy is accepted then how can we condemn the Al-Qaida, ISIS, Daesh, Bokoharam, Takfiri Taliban (TTP), Buddhists of Burma, RSS, the Indian Hindu extremists and ,many others who also use their controversial interpretations of Islamic holy texts to justify their war and killing of innocent people? Hence use of religion as tool for political gains and violence must be rejected irrespective of religion, race or country. Since this terror tactics has been initiated by Zionists in last century, it is not wrong if Zionism is called the mother of terrorism, the other groups are in reaction to Zionism directly or indirectly.
Prophecies are about the events in future which will unfold as per God’s plan. He is all powerful to execute His Will and plans. He is not dependent upon humans to implement His plans. There no such commandment in the prophecies. Some people try to take over the work of God at their own, which could be against His Will. He is well aware and knowledgeable. The Interpretation of holy texts and prophecies is a human work liable to error, it must not be allowed to override the clear unambiguous commandments for peace, safety and security of other humans.
Donald Trump’s unilateral decision  to shift US embassy to Jerusalem has been opposed at UN security council, vetoed by US, then General Assembly rejected it with overwhelming majority vote of 128, but US and Israel don’t care for world opinion and continue with their oppressive, racious zionist  policies and human rights violations.

Humanity has to decide, either we all adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), mutually evolved and agreed by all nations of world with diverse religions, races and cultures or let anyone impose its own religion, culture and values upon others through any means including power? Should the world community allow colonization, oppression, eviction of Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingyas and others from their lands or stop all this to achieve world peace. .... [Keep reading ..]
امریکی امریکن صدر ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ نے امریکی سفارتخانہ کو یروشلم منتقل کرنے کا اعلان کیا تو دنیا حیران ہے کہ امریکہ نے تمام دنیا کی مخالفت کے باوجود اتنا بڑا اقدام اٹھایا۔ بہت کم لوگوں کو علم ہے کہ امریکہ اور… [ Continue reading…]


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