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West at war with Islam

Sweden, once regarded as one of Europe’s most liberal and radical societies, has now become a dangerous place for the Muslims. Islam is regarded as the most unwelcome religion for a number of Swedish people. The far-right Sweden Democrats party has its roots in the neo-Nazi movement. It has warned “ the dangers of Islamization” and has a controversial campaign against the Muslims in Sweden. Sweden is no more a bastion of religious freedom and tolerance. The shooting and killing of a Muslim at the largest mosque in Sweden has raised a new debate on the activities of certain militant Christian groups. The objective of certain Christian militants seems to “shoot at Muslim immigrants.” Anti-immigration party, highly influenced from skinhead movement, has upset the balance of power in Sweden. The gains of right wing parties in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are signals of danger for the Muslims in these parts of the planet earth.

France’s ban on face veils, Switzerland’s moratorium on minaret constructions and restrictions of the West on Muslim immigrants are a few examples of West’s biased approach towards the Muslims and Islam. Almost all governments in the West have a fear of Islamic revival. Professor Anne Sofie Roald of Malmo University’s Department of International Migration and Ethnic Relations says, “We can’t deny that today Islam is regarded as the biggest threat to Europe for many Europeans.” The West, in general, feels that Muslim population is growing rapidly. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. It is expanding in Africa, Asia and Europe. It is now the second largest religion in France, Sweden, Great Britain and USA. The Orthodox Christians fear that sooner or later Muslims would take over their countries.

The Muslims come from a very different culture and society. They show disapproval for the western civilization and live in “parallel societies”. They enjoy themselves in the company of the people of their own culture, language and socialize with a limited circle of their own choice. An estimated 50 million Muslims live in Europe and America with a different culture, values and traditions and lifestyle from the established western civilization. It reflects that Islam is a versatile religion. The Muslims believe that America and NATO forces have declared war on Islam. All the NATO forces, except Turkey, are from the Christian countries. These allied Christian forces attempt to weaken or demolish the minaret of Islamic values.

Sayyid Qutb, renowned Muslim scholar, wrote in his book Milestone: The Western ways of thought … [have] hostility toward Islam. This enmity toward Islam is especially pronounced and many times is the result of a well-thought-out scheme the object of which is first to shake the foundations of Islamic beliefs and then gradually to demolish the structure of Muslim society. These are, in fact, hundreds of years old plots and conspiracies used by the West. The Western imperialism is a new form of the Crusades, a mask for the crusading spirit. Osama Bin Laden pointed out: the West is incapable of recognising the rights of others. It will not be able to respect others’ beliefs or feelings.

R.M. Savory, the famous historian, says that “The existence of Islam has always made the West profoundly uneasy… viewed by Christendom as a direct threat and challenge to itself…the reaction of the West was hostile. Hostility was based on fear, and fear had its roots in ignorance.” The West is running a campaign against the justice system of Islam to weaken or even annihilate it. For this, West is making use of military, economic, social and cultural means. The imperialistic forces have a plan to keep the Muslims backward, plunder their resources and exploit their riches. It has declared war on Islam.

The West wishes to keep the Muslim world afflicted and wretched with the help of its stooges in the corridors of power in the East. These corrupt stooges live in splendid palaces and enjoy themselves all the luxuries of the world. The Muslims once ruled a part of Europe. Islamic forces, in the past, captured Greece, Sicily and chunk of Eastern Europe. Spain and Greece remained under the Moslem yoke for more than 780 and 380 years respectively. In the late 17th century, Islamic forces were at the gates of Vienna. The West believes that Islam is on the march again. This very feeling makes them tremble. Pakistan, of course, will have to play its pivotal role as a leader of the Muslim world. The West has imposed a ‘holy war’ on the Muslim world. It is a war against humanity and portrays Islam as a destructive ideology. It is a war that West has opened against Islam. Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is not an isolated incident; it is, in fact, a long chain of events, a war of annihilation of the Muslim civilization.

Western support for the state of Israel, its rejection of fairly elected Hamas government, its apathy for the just cause of the Palestinians and the people of Kashmir and consistently opposition of Iran’s nuclear programme are clear examples of the War on Islam. Howard Bloom, a Christian fanatic, believes that Muslims are barbarians. Their culture glorifies the act of murder and elevates violence to a holy deed. The West has at its disposal tremendous media facilities and is making misuse of this weapon for propaganda against Islam. But even then it is losing its war in this field because it is based on biased information and malicious calculations. It is creating hatred against the Muslim world. It may be amazing for many people in the world that in Germany any person who questions any aspect of the Zionist version of history as expressed in the so-called “Holocaust” faces prison for up to five years! It may be pertinent to mention here that several thousand people have been prosecuted and fined in Germany for showing doubt about the credibility of “Holocaust.” Hundreds have been jailed for expressing doubt about Jewish Professor Norman’s version of the history of World War-II.

Germany is a country brainwashed by the Jewish propaganda. Several secret Jews’ organizations have tremendous power and influence in the Western world. A large number of decision makers, politicians, economists and military officers are under the influence of secret societies or covering organisations of Jews. The West believes that Islam is spreading through Muslim shop owners, cab drivers, students, violent agitators and bombers. A large number of people in the West believe that they are at war with Islam. The West feels that Western civilisation is in danger and gradually and slowly it may vanish from the map of the earth. The film Obsession implores the West to take the Muslim march seriously or face the perpetual doom. It evokes the West to fight back in order to survive. The film preaches that most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims! Christian preachers, in general, believe that Islam is the imminent danger in their own backyard. The message in the film is that West should not be ‘complacent or write it off.’ The materialists believe that the very existence of Western Civilization is at stake.

Peace, tolerance and human life seem to be meaningless words for American and NATO forces. The killing of innocent people by the NATO and American forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Pakistan is the most shameful act of the forces of evil. The West, just like Hillary Clinton, presents one-sided picture of the world. The West is living in terror because of its crimes and war against humanity. It supports corrupt governments in the East. The hatred against America is the result of American policies in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and many other Muslim States in the world.

Islam, in fact, has challenged the hollow civilization of the West. All the great philosophers, thinkers and leaders feel that that Islam will overpower the West in near future. The West acknowledges that its survival is impossible. This civilization, like other civilization, in the past is about to die. Ironically a number of Christians believe that Islam is at war with them. The West has already lost its religious lustre and framework.

It is a hollow and confused civilization. Christian fanatics and fundamentalists believe that it is not Islam versus the West; it is Western civilization or Islam in the West. It is an anxious moment for the West. Islam is marching too fast towards their big cities. They feel fear and anxiety. It has raised feeling of animosity between the West and Islam. The truth is that western civilization faces its greatest test at the hands of Islam today. The West does not try to understand the Muslim viewpoint. It wants to thrust its hollow civilization and stupid thinking on Islam. This is the major cause of failure of understanding between the two sides. T. S. Eliot, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, mourns the loss of West: ‘We are the hollow men’ & ‘This is the dead land.’
By Muhammad Daheem,

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