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07 October 2012

Imran Khan's Anti Drone March to Waziristan

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has begun a motorcade "march" to Pakistan's restive tribal areas to protest against US drone strikes. The two-day protest started in Islamabad and is due to end in South Waziristan, a major focus of strikes.
Mr Khan set off with a few hundred people. Mr Khan, like many Pakistanis, says the attacks kill large numbers of civilians and foster support for militants.
"No-one should be allowed to be judge, jury [and] executioner," Mr Kahn said before setting off.
"It's totally counter-productive. All it does is it helps the militants to recruit poor people. Clearly if they were succeeding, these drone attacks, we would be winning the war. But there's a stalemate."

rarely claim civilian casualties and are an effective weapon against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
US officials insist strikes by the unmanned aircraft
imran Khan says : "No-one should be allowed to be judge, jury [and] executioner"

UN condemns US drone attacks on Pakistan
The United Nations have condemned US drone attacks in Pakistan warning they create "playstation mentality" towards killing. Zubeida Malik reports on the use of drone attack and UN's Philip Alston explains why he thinks the attacks are so worrying.[ BBC, special report]

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