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Promoting Hindu terrorists through RSS, BJP camps: Shinde, Indian home minister

Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde raked up a storm while addressing a gathering at the Congress Chintan Shivir at Jaipur. While commenting on the nation’s security issues, Shinde said, “It is in the RSS and BJP camps that Hindu terror is being promoted. These people are talking about infiltration in Assam riots etc but from a report we have come to know that they are breeding terrorists. The Mecca Masjid, Samjhauta Express blasts and Malegoan blasts are examples. There have been instances when they have planted bombs and blamed the minority community for it,” said Shinde.
Sushil Kumar Shinde. Agencies.
Prior to Shinde, Digvijay Singh had also once accused the RSS for the Samjhauta Express blast. However, the minister speaking from the AICC meet gives the allegations a completeny new dimension and has, hence, sparked widespread outrage.
Manmohan Vaidya, senior RSS leader retorted: “Congress should look into their own party. They are the ones safeguarding terrorists. The Congress is making up these stories to cover up their inability to rein in separatist communal forces. They can’t hang Afzal Guru, they were balking at taking action against Owaisi, we know their drill,” said Vaidya.
“A Home Minister can’t make a comment that disturbs the peace of the country. The Congress is a party of cowards. Terrorists are infiltrating our country, killing our soldiers and we are welcoming them with roses,” says BJP vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.
The party also alleged that by making this statement, the Congress has encouraged terrorist outfits.
“We demand Sonia Gandhi to apologise to the party and the nation. Otherwise they will face grave consequences. It’s a defaulter party and they have proved it again,” said Naqvi.
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that Shinde didn’t deserve to be the Home Minister of the country. “He came to power by buttering Sonia and Rahul. He has no clue as to what is going on in the country,” sais Raut.
Congress leader Rajeev Shukla, however, came to the Home Minister’s defence by saying that Shinde essentially didn’t mean Hindu terrorism, he meant right-wing extremism. “Terrorism doesn’t have any religion. Shinde was talking about right wing terrorism,” said Shukla.
Shinde on the other hand, while talking to reporters, said that he was merely repeating a known fact. “Saffron terrorism is a known reality. It has been talked about in the media for very long now. I am just repeating what has been published several times as fact,” he said.
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