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19 January 2014

Revolt and renaissance in Muslim World

Libya has become 'militialand'; Algeria is a powder keg; Morocco's polity is vulnerable to radical forces. The virus of violence is spreading to additional regions: Central Asia, India, Myanmar and wherever Muslim peoples are facing injustice or suppression. It is high time for the Muslim world to take its destiny in its own hands. Muslim statesmen and leaders should seek to capture the momentum produced by today's violent events in order to promote a political,
economic and social renaissance in the Islamic world.

A first step should be to convene an emergency summit of the most powerful Islamic countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia and Malaysia. It should agree: one, not to support violence by sectarian or ethnic factions in other Muslim countries, and two, launch a collective campaign against all forms of terrorism. Keep reading >> http://www.dawn.com/news/1081297/revolt-and-renaissance