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Introduction to Islam - “Ta’rif-e-Aam bi-Din il-Islam”By: Shaikh Ali Al-Tantawi

GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM “Ta’rif-e-Aam bi-Din il-Islam”By: Shaikh Ali Al-Tantawi اردو >> This book is not meant for scholars and jurists; it is for those Muslims who want to properly understand their faith, or non Muslims who wants to understand The Islam as preached and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the light of Qur’an. Islam has an argument, reason and proof for everything. A Muslim, therefore, is neither afraid of polemical dialogue nor avoids it. At the same level, Islam expects reason and proof form all those who claim to advance arguments against Islam: “Tell them; Bring forth your arguments (of what you state) if you are in the right”(Qur’an;2:111) SOME MISCONCEPTIONS What is NOT demanded by Islam! · Islam does not demand form a Muslim to give up the world altogether. · Islam does not expect Muslims to be ignorant, lacking in knowledge of their faith and other branches of knowledge. · Nor does it r