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It’s time for a mannered debate on religion

P.S:  This article is about Christianity however it can be applied to the religions in general and discrimination against Muslims in Christian world.. ~~~~~~~ A story is told of a young businessman sharing a compartment on a train with an elderly gentleman. When he noticed that the old fellow was quietly and intently praying with his rosary, the young man chided him for his ‘superstition’ and told him that science had rendered the beliefs of religion irrelevant. “How did you come to discover that?” the old gentleman asked. His companion didn’t really know how to answer the question fully right then and there, so he offered to send him a few texts and public lecture notes on the subject for his enlightenment. “What’s your address?’ he asked “I’ll send you the material via the Post Office.” The old man rummaged in his coat pocket and produced a tattered business card that read, Louis Pasteur, Paris Institute of Scientific Research. Louis Pasteur was the 19th century giant of microbiolo

CIA Drones Killed Over 2,000, Mostly Civilians in Pakistan Since 2006- now American are killing Pakistanis at streets of Lahore

Report: CIA Drones Killed Over 2,000, Mostly Civilians in Pakistan Since 2006 [Blood of innocent citizens is the price  Pakistan  has to pay to satisfy lust of power and money of its corrupt puppet leadership ] Three Quarters of Deaths in Two Years Since President Obama Took Office by Jason Ditz, January 02, 2011 A new report from the Conflict Monitoring Centre (CMC) has reported that 2,043 Pakistanis have been slain in CIA drone strikes in the past 5 years, with the vast majority of them innocent civilians. The report notes that the attacks target Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas where “ people usually carry guns and ammunition as a tradition. US drones will identify anyone carrying a gun as a militant and subsequently he will be killed. ” Pakistan’s government, which has only a nominal presence in the region, traditionally brands anyone killed by the US a “suspect.” And while 2,043 is a lot of people to kill in the past five years, over 75% of them were actually killed

Israeli minister urges Egypt to use force

Israeli police forces crack down on protesters. (File photo) An Israeli minister says Egyptian government forces will have to exercise force to rein in public protests as the African country is teetering on the brink of a Tunisia-style revolution. Inspired by the recent popular revolution in Tunisia, which resulted in the historic overthrow of the country's President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali, Egyptians have staged similar anti-government protests since Tuesday, calling on President Hosni Mubarak to relinquish power after three decades in office.  Meanwhile, an Israeli cabinet minister who spoke on condition of anonymity to Israeli media stated on Thursday that the Egyptian president backed by a strong militarily prowess will eventually subdue the crisis,  The Washington Post  reported.  "His regime is well-rooted in the military and security apparatus," said the Israeli minister, adding that, "They will have to exercise force, power in the street and do it. But

From Tunisia to Egypt [and beyond?]-American Perspective

A couple of weeks ago, the human rights group Freedom House rated the Middle East … the most repressed region of the planet. But that was a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, opposition to dictators is spreading fast and putting authoritarian governments in peril.… There is no doubt, of course, that Americans favor the spread of democracy. But in many Arab countries, that preference sometimes comes into conflict with other goals, such as protecting our security interests. Egypt was the first Arab government to sign a peace accord with Israel, and Mubarak has been a helpful ally of Washington. Jordan supported the war against Saddam Hussein and has been a moderate force in Arab-Israeli matters . So the Obama administration has to exercise caution in what it says and does about opposition to governments that have often been key partners on grave issues…. So far … the administration hasn’t thrown its wholehearted support to the opposition. That course is unsatisfying, but it is sensib

Pakistan’s Future: The Bellagio Papers by Brookings Institution USA

Pakistan’s Future: The Bellagio Papers Pakistan ,  India ,  South Asia ,  Development ,  Politics The Brookings Institution The following papers are one component of a project conducted at the Brookings Institution in 2010. They were written by the participants in a conference in Bellagio, Italy in May 2010 that examined the future of Pakistan.This project was conceived shortly after the publication of The Idea of Pakistan (Brookings Press, revised edition, 2006) in which Chapter 8 looked at "alternative" futures, speculating on the directions in which Pakistan might evolve. These included the continuation of the “establishment” dominated Pakistan, a state in which democratic forms—if not democracy—were maintained. This is also a state with stable if not good relations with two of its neighbors, Afghanistan and India. Overt military rule was also discussed, as was the emergence of a truly “Islamic” state, or even a full-fledged democracy. The book also examined the possibil

The new surge of people power in the Middle East

T he neoconservatives in the Bush administration argued that the Islamic world produces ‘terrorists’ because it lives under autocracies. To solve the ‘terrorist’ problem, therefore, the US would have to bring democracy to the Middle East. This demagoguery only reveals the bankruptcy of America’s political class. It is a shame when the President of the United States and his neoconservative puppet-masters peddle such absurdities without being greeted by squeals of laughter — and shouted down as hypocritical, as farcical. Which country has been the leading ally and sponsor these past decades of nearly all the despotisms in the Middle East — those of royal pedigree and others seeking to become royalties? Regardless, the real plan of the United States failed miserably. It was dispatched to its grave by a people’s resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yet, George Bush and his neoconservative allies can take some credit for the wave of protests that is spreading across the Middle Ea

Egypt's uprising and its implications for Palestine

Egypt's uprising and its implications for Palestine Ali Abunimah,  The Electronic Intifada,  29 January 2011 Egyptians call for Mubarak's ouster at Tahrir (Liberation) Square in Cairo, 29 January 2011. ( Matthew Cassel ) We are in the middle of a political earthquake in the Arab world and the ground has still not stopped shaking. To make predictions when events are so fluid is risky, but there is no doubt that the uprising in Egypt -- however it ends -- will have a dramatic impact across the region and within Palestine. If the Mubarak regime falls, and is replaced by one less tied to Israel and the United States, Israel will be a big loser. As Aluf Benn commented in the Israeli daily  Haaretz , "The fading power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's government leaves Israel in a state of strategic distress. Without Mubarak, Israel is left with almost no friends in the Middle East; last year, Israel saw its alliance with Turkey collapse" (" Without E

Beginning of End of Corrupt Oppressors, tools of Imperialists -Egypt Protests, Religion’s Role May Grow

Now its the real test of sincerity and commitment to freedom, liberty, human rights  and democracy that USA and West should come forward to fully support the  oppressed people of Arab/Muslim countries, not by mere lip service....   ~~~~~~~~~~~ Loonwatch Stands with Protests for Freedom in Egypt Loonwatch , like many around the world has been glued to events in Egypt. Will it go the way of Tunisia, full blown revolution, or will brutal repression quell the revolt as happened in Iran? Only time will tell. You can follow the live stream of what is happening in Egypt at  AlJazeera’s Live Stream . The governments of the West in general and the US in particular have given luke warm platitudes about their support for peace, rights etc. Hillary Clinton in the beginning stages of the protests this week left a sour taste in the mouths of the protestors when she essentially extended her support for the Mubarak regime, I urge all people to exercise restraint. I support the fundamental right of