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National Hillel sends many young Jews into exile

Hillel, the world’s largest Jewish campus organization-with staff, funding and physical space on some 500 mostly US campuses - says it wants to create a “welcoming environment for Jewish students on campus by fostering students’ ability to incorporate Jewish tradition into their lives.” Translation? Only Jews who pass an ideological litmus test on Israel are welcome. Others can stop at the door. Full story at :

How Did the Spread of Islam Affect the Development of Science?

Islam instructs man to use his powers of intelligence and observation.Within a few years of the spread of Islam, great civilizations and universities were flourishing. The synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas, and of new thought with old, brought about great advances in medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, art, literature, and history. Many crucial systems, such as algebra, the Arabic numerals, and the concept of zero (vital to the advancement of mathematics), were transmitted to medieval Europe from the Muslim world. Sophisticated instruments which were to make possible the European voyages of discovery, such as the astrolabe, the quadrant, and good navigational maps, were also developed by Muslims. [muhammadshahjehankhan is based in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is Stringer for Allvoices: ] Read more >>>>. I slam and Scholarship: I