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The Irony of Afghanistan And The Real Endgame

  AfPak & India: Afghanistan drifts towards a closure, on floating wafts of time, on which travel events outside the control of the most powerful; directionless. Sadly, after half the world has fished in its troubled waters, abandonment is on the cards. US President Barack Obama remains unclear which way he is going, both as the guide to American policy and as a president. He has lost his way in the Washington maze, and in the absence of the commander-in-chief, everyone else is suddenly sprung into action — Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, Brennan et al. No, it isn’t the routine Washington functioning where separate voices provide differing nuances, but a superpower in serious disarray. It is important to say this since the super-power drives the agenda, especially so in Afghanistan. All others are bit players swishing on the fringes, at best muddying the already murky. It will be important w

China- Shanghai Muslims: Skewers and surnames 中国 - 上海穆斯林:串和姓氏

WebpageTransla tor   翻译 中国 - 上海 穆斯林 : 串和 姓氏 Rumana Hussain recently had a chance to spend the month of Ramazan, and also Eid, in Shanghai. Although not very noticeable, there are approximately 60,000 Muslims living in Shanghai, a city of over twenty million. There was a speedy increase in the Muslim population of this city after the Opium War in 1840, after which Shanghai was forced to open up for foreign trade. Islam was first introduced in China in its earliest days through Arab and Central Asian traders. The Chinese Emperor at the time, Yong Hui, who otherwise had no interest in adopting foreign ideas and beliefs, out of respect for the first Muslim mission to China, ordered the building of a mosque in Canton City (Guangzhou). The Memorial Mosque, first built in the seventh century, was entirely rebuilt in 1350 AD, and rebuilt again in 1695 under Emperor Kangzi of the Qing dynasty, after being destroyed in a fire. It is also known as the Great Mosque of Guangzhou. The mo

An image makeover for Narendra Modi, The Muslim Killer

Mr Modi is a polarising figure, Is India's most controversial and divisive politician emerging as a prime ministerial candidate? Supporters of Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat, believe so. For evidence, they point to his much-hyped three-day, tax-payer-funded hunger strike in an air-conditioned hall for social and religious harmony over the weekend, which ends on Monday. The fast, they believe, enabled him to reach out to the Muslim minority, who bore the brunt of widespread religious riots in the state - following the torching of a passenger train carrying Hindu pilgrims in 2002. Mr Modi is getting other backers as well. The latest US Congressional Research Service report on India says he is one the likeliest candidates for prime ministership in his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). (The US, by the way denied Mr Modi a visa under a law barring entry for foreign government officials found to be complicit in severe violations of religious freedom.)

The Defence Journal -DJ

Archive About DJ Contact Us Subscribe Home   User: a a Change Password   |   Logout   Print We  take pleasure in introducing you to the Defence Journal.  Published monthly from Karachi, the Defence Journal  benefits from a long and distinguished pedigree. It  has been in continuous operation since the past 27 years  and after its acquisition by the Pathfinder group in  1997, its circulation has grown to over 16000 copies  per month due to a higher profile and hard-hitting editorials. The Defence Journal has a regular readership in excess  of 80,000 mostly due to the in-depth reporting and keenful  insight offered by its panel of reporters, journalists, columnists and experts on defence and related issues.  The editorial is mostly dedicated to national defence  and political scenarios as well as an overlook on the international arena and its effect on this region in  particular. Defence Journal is the only magazine of  its own kind being pri

Indian Defence Review

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Implications of the Palestinian U.N. drive

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is striving for recognition of a fully-fledged Palestinian state at the United Nations against fierce opposition from Israel and the United States. (Reuters). Here are some of the reasons behind the push as well as some of the possible consequences. WHY DO THE PALESTINIANS WANT TO GO TO THE UNITED NATIONS? Abbas says 20 years of U.S.-led peace talks have got nowhere and wants a vote in the United Nations to bestow the Palestinians with the cherished mantle of statehood. However, he recognizes that negotiations with Israel will still be needed to establish a properly functioning state. Justifying the move, the Palestinians point to the success of a Western-backed, two-year plan to build institutions ready for statehood which they say is now finished. THE PALESTINIANS WANT RECOGNITION ON 1967 LINES. WHY? The Palestinian Authority (PA) says placing their state firmly in the context of territory seized by Israel in the 1967 war will

The 9/11 Decade

Chomsky: 9/11 - was there an alternative? Conspiracy Theories- NWO: Suppression of one's own crimes is virtually ubiquitous among powerful states, at least those that are not defeated. Noam Chomsky  We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the horrendous atrocities of September 11, 2001, which, it is commonly held, changed the world. On May 1, the presumed mastermind of the crime, Osama bin Laden, was assassinated in Pakistan by a team of elite US commandos, Navy SEALs, after he was captured, unarmed and undefended, in Operation Geronimo. A number of analysts have observed that although bin Laden was finally killed, he won some major successes in his war against the US. "He repeatedly asserted that the only way to drive the US from the Muslim world and defeat its satraps was by drawing Americans into a series of small but expensive wars that would ultimately bankrupt them," Eric Margolis writes. "'Bleedin