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Angola has officialy banned islam shuts down mosques: Is this the beginning?

Angola president said: ‘This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country’ Islam as a ‘sect’ which is banned as counter to Angolan customs and culture. Officials at the Angolan Embassy in Washington, D.C., denied Monday that the nation has banned Islam and dismantled mosques, disputing published news accounts and stating that they cannot authenticate comments reportedly made by top Angolan officials that support the claims. Updates, latest news about Angola >>>>>> A number of news outlets have reported that Angola has “banned” Islam and started to dismantle mosques in a bold effort to stem the spread of Muslim extremism. Weekly French-language Moroccan newspaper La Nouvelle Tribune published an article on Friday sourcing “several” Angolan officials, including the Southwest African nation’s minister of culture, Rosa Cruz, who reportedly offered the following remarks, which have been translated from French: “The process of legaliz

Muslim world in flames

FROM Pakistan to the Levant, the Muslim world is burning in a self-lift fire, the ‘confrontation without’ having given way to ‘a confrontation within’. Beyond the Levant, as in North Africa, Maghreb and Muslim sub-Sahara, instability, violence and uncertainty reign. Political movements have turned religious, and the religious ones have degenerated into sectarian bloodbaths. Hoisted by its own petard, Pakistan has a story to tell. Decades ago, nobody believed the militants tasked by America with defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan would one day become Pakistan’s most implacable foes, turn into sectarian hounds, demoralise the armed forces, and eat into its vitals. In the Arab world, the fragrance of the Spring has turned into an overpowering stench enveloping the Fertile Crescent and its neighbourhood. As the phoney stability imposed by the dictators gave way to anarchy, the character of the Arab Spring changed. Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Ali Abdullah Sale

Pakistan Quagmire - Trialogue for Peace & Progress: پاکستان مسائل کی دلدل - امن اور ترقی کا راستہ :ٹرا ئیلاگ

Pakistan is in a state of turmoil, in order to get out of this quagmire some basic issues need to be addressed. Ideologically the Pakistani society can be divided in to three main groups:   <<<< Read online or download complete article >>>> پاکستان کی ترقی ، خوشحالی اور امن کے لییے کچھ بنیادی معاملات طے کرنا ضروری ھیں. اس وقت پاکستانی سوسائٹی فکری طورپرتین بڑے حصوں میں تقسیم ہو چکی ہے: ایک طرف "اشرافیہ , لبرل طبقہ" دوسری طرف "خاموش اکثریت"  ؛ تیسری طرف "مذہبی شدت پسند دہشت گرد اور ان کے ہمدرد". ایسے حالات میں ضروری ہے کہ کنفیوژن کو دور کیا جائے تاکہ اکثریت ایک نقطہ نظر پر متفق ہو جائے. اور پھر تمام توانایوں کو مرکوز کرکہ عظیم مقاصد ، امن . خوشحالی . ترقی کی طرف رواں دواں ہوں. اگر ہم کچھ بنیادی سوالات کا جواب موجودہ تناظرمیں قرآن سنت کی روشنی میں معلوم کر لیں. ان پر قومی مباحثہ ہو جس میں آپ , میڈیا ، دانشور ، مذہبی سکالرز علماء ، سیاسی مفکرین ، سول سوسائٹی ، فوجی ماہرین ، قانون ، خارجہ امور کے ماہرین اور تمام دوسرے متعلقہ ما

Kofi Annan: A chequered career

Advance praise for Kofi Annan`s memoirs, Interventions: A Life in War and Peace, has come from the likes of Bill Clinton and Lee Kuan Yew to Bono and Bill Gates. Even Amartya Sen calls it a `wonderful book [that] gives the readers a lucid and enjoyable understanding of the kind of reasoning and commitment that has made Annan such a force for good in the troubled world in which we live. Kofi Annan was the UN secretary general at a time when the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century saw the greatest challenges to peace and justice. No other UN secretary general gained the kind of significance, status or familiarity as Annan did. However, the invasion of Iraq proved to be very stressful, for even a skilled diplomat such as Annan. Memoirs, however, are written in retrospect and Annan does his best to defend his own andthe UN`s role in approaching the various challenges to peace from Serbia to Rwanda and from Afghanistan to Iraq. However, his 10-year tenur