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The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B - Danny Hillis

In the 1970s and 1980s, a generous spirit suffused the Internet, whose users were few and far between. But today, the net is ubiquitous, connecting billions of people, machines and essential pieces of infrastructure -- leaving us vulnerable to cyber-attack or meltdown. Internet pioneer Danny Hillis argues that the Internet wasn't designed for this kind of scale, and sounds a clarion call for us to develop a Plan B: a parallel system to fall back on if -- or when -- the Internet crashes. Inventor, scientist, author, engineer -- over his broad career, Danny Hillis has turned his ever-searching brain on an array of subjects, with surprising results. ---------------------------------------------- Speakers Danny Hillis: Computer theorist Inventor, scientist, author, engineer -- over his broad career, Danny Hillis has turned his ever-searching brain on an array of subjects, with surprising results. Why you should listen to him: Danny Hillis is a

The Muslim Jesus

The Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus in the festival of Easter. For almost all Christians, Jesus is the Son of God who died to save mankind. Islam does not subscribe to this belief and views Jesus, also known as Isa, as a Prophet and the Messiah of the Israelites. So who was this Muslim Jesus? The Bible and the Quran both agree that Jesus was born by miraculous birth to the Virgin Mary. There is a chapter in the Quran named Mary and she is mentioned 34 times in the Quran, which is much more than the entire New Testament. She is honored greatly in Islam and is celebrated as a role model for Muslim women worldwide. For Muslims, Jesus was the seal of the Hebrew Prophets and a man of perfect purity. Unlike all other human beings, except his mother Mary, he was not touched by Satan at his birth. In the Quran, when Satan attempted to approach the child, he was only able to touch the covering caul. The Quran has great regard for Jesus where he is men

Top Ten Reasons Why Israel Actually IS a Legitimate State: Dr. Kevin Barrett

The Zionists finally convinced me they’re right. Here are the top ten reasons. 10) Hitler, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun all killed more people than Israel has. So why are you singling out Israel for criticism, you anti-Semite? 9) If you don’t accept our legitimacy, our friend Samson will nuke every major city in Europe. How’s THAT for legitimacy, you Jew-hater! 8) In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly “advised” stealing the 90% of Palestine owned by Palestinians, and giving most of it to the Jews. So why shouldn’t we follow their advice? Do you hate the United Nations? What are you, anti-Semitic or something? 7) Sure, the United Nations has passed lots of actual, legally-binding resolutions (not just “advice”) ordering Israel to let the Palestinians return to their homes and villages. But if we did that, what would have been the point of slaughtering them and terrorizing the survivors into fleeing? You and the United Nations and the whole wo

Scholars piece together a ‘new’ New Testament

Is the New Testament missing a few books? In a move that may seem heretical to some Christians, a group of scholars and religious leaders has added 10 new texts to the Christian canon. The work, “A New New Testament,” was released nationwide in March in an attempt to add a different historical and spiritual context to the Christian scripture. Some of the 10 additional texts — which have come to light over the past century — date back to the earliest days of Christianity and include some works that were rejected by the early church. The 19-member council that compiled the texts consisted of biblical scholars, leaders in several Christian denominations — Episcopal, Roman Catholic, United Methodist, United Church of Christ and Lutheran — two rabbis and an expert in Eastern religions and yoga. Keep reading >>>> <<Free-eBooks Click here>>>  

Is Religion Good for Your Health?

Practicing a religion may be good for your health. Faith and medicine frequently intersect. My patients and I often talk about spirituality when we discuss medical issues. For many people, life-and-death decisions are grounded in a belief that a higher being will guide the outcome as much, or more than, the physicians and treatments involved. In addition, a support system based on shared faith can be extremely helpful in the healing process. Ministries frequently offer assistance programs and have relationships with social workers to counsel and provide services for those in need. Not long ago, while reading the newspaper, I began thinking about the relationship of health and religion in an entirely new way, one that involves using religious tenets to promote a healthful lifestyle every day, not just in times of crisis. I saw an obituary for Lester Breslow, a true pioneer in public health. It was fitting that a man who dedicated his life to understanding wha

Ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma Mayanmar

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and shops after three days of ethnic violence in Burma Photograph: Khin Maung Win/AP. Burma has issued a state of emergency in the central city of Meikhtila after three days of ethnic violence between Muslims and Buddhists has left scores dead, forced thousands to flee and left local homes and shops reduced to smoking rubble. Rioting began on Wednesday in the now ash-covered town, located 360 miles north of the commercial capital Rangoon, after an argument between a Muslim shopkeeper and his Buddhist customers erupted into a street brawl that ended with the death of a Buddhist monk. Soon after, photos and videos of mobs roaming the streets were circulating online – showing streets littered with burning motorbikes, men armed with sticks and swords destroying property, and buildings set ablaze – with little indication that security forces were putting a stop to it. The violence has called into question Bu

A strategic defeat for US and its allies: By Seumas Milne

If anyone doubted what kind of Iraq has been bequeathed by a decade of US-sponsored occupation and war, Tuesday’s deadly bomb attacks around Baghdad on bus queues and markets should have set them straight. Ten years to the day after American and British troops launched an unprovoked attack on a false pretext - and more than a year since the last combat troops were withdrawn - the conflict they unleashed shows no sign of winding down. Civilians are still being killed at a rate of at least 4,000 a year - and police at about 1,000. As in the days when the US and British forces directly ran the country, torture is rampant, thousands are imprisoned without trial and disappearances and state killings are routine. Meanwhile, power and sewage systems barely function, more than a third of adults are unemployed, state corruption has become an institutionalised kleptocracy and trade unionists are tried for calling strikes and demonstrations. In recent months, mass protests in

IMRAN KHAN - PTI Jalsa 23 March 2013 Lahore

Six Promises Agenda LAHORE: Pakistani cricket legend-turned politician Imran Khan Saturday, speaking to tens and thousands of party supporters, vowed to be truthful and loyal with them even after assuming powers in run up to a historic national election later this spring before heavy rain interrupted his speech. The 60-year-old Khan is shaping up to be the biggest wildcard in the May 11 parliamentary election – the first transition between democratically elected governments in a country that has experienced three military coups. “I only care for you Pakistanis and that’s why I am in politics. Come join my hands to build a new Pakistan,” he said speaking at the much anticipated March 23 rally near the country’s towering national monument, the Minar-i-Pakistan. Watch Video and read more >>>>.. <<Free-eBooks Click here>>>  

Obama comes to bless Israel’s government of settlers

Those who hoped that Barack Obama would be arriving in Israel to bang Israeli and Palestinian heads together, after four years of impasse in the peace process, will be sorely disappointed. The US president’s trip beginning today may be historic – the first of his presidency to Israel and the Palestinian territories – but he has been doing everything possible beforehand to lower expectations. At the weekend, Arab-American leaders revealed that Obama had made it clear he would not present a peace plan, because Israel has indicated it is not interested in an agreement with the Palestinians. Any lingering doubts about Israel’s intentions were removed by the announcement of a new cabinet, hurriedly sworn in before the president’s visit. This government makes Benjamin Netanyahu’s last one, itself widely considered the most hardline in Israel’s history, look almost moderate. Ynet, Israel’s popular news website, reported that settler leaders hailed this as their “wet

Power of the pulpit

THE power of the minbar (pulpit) in Muslim societies such as ours is considerable. For whatever flows from this source is heard with rapt attention and largely accepted as true by most believers. Hence the responsibility of the sahib-i-minbar (one who occupies the pulpit) is immense. While local society may be composed of people with varying degrees of involvement in religious activities, it can safely be assumed that a large number of Muslims in Pakistan attend the mosque at least once a week, to offer Friday prayers. And with the khutbah (sermon) being an integral component of Friday prayers, the imam-i-jummah (who leads Friday prayers) or khateeb (who may also deliver sermons on other occasions) has a large, captive audience. Considering this, the Friday sermon can be instrumental in changing society and inculcating ethical values amongst the believers. Even if worshippers act upon a percentage of what they hear in the sermon, visible changes can occur in socie


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Sri Lankan Muslims under threat

Islam  in  Sri Lanka  is practiced by a group of minorities who make up 9.7% of the population of Sri Lanka. 1,967,227 persons adhering Islam as per the census of 2012. [1] [2] The Muslim community is divided into three main ethnic groups: the  Sri Lankan Moors , the  Indian Muslims  (including Tamil Muslims) and the  Malays , each with its own history and traditions. The attitude among the majority of people in Sri Lanka is to use the term "Muslim" as an ethnic group, specifically when referring to Sri Lankan Moors. The war againt Muslims In Sri Lanka: A CURIOUS story in a local English daily caught my eye the other day. It seemed the Sri Lanka Muslim Council had given in to demands that meat could be sold without halal certification. This is a huge success for radical Buddhist groups who have been orchestrating