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Myths, half-truths and reality-Madrissah Education

Pakistan’s education system has come under close observation and scrutiny since 9/11 as it was blamed for promoting militancy and fanning hatred and bigotry. Perhaps ours is the only country whose education policy and system has generated so much worry globally. Something’s got to be drastically wrong with it. The educational system has three streams, i.e., private, public and madressah that serve different sections of society. The private sector is basically for those who can afford to pay for educating; the government schools are for the lower income groups that are unable to afford the high fees and related expenditure; the madressah education is availed by those who can’t afford even the nominal fees charged by the public sector schools and the expenses incurred. Many in abject poverty look to these seminaries which provide free boarding and lodging facilities along with free education which is a big relief for the poverty-stricken. Of course, exceptions are there whe

Key to Salvation in 3 Verses- Essence of Quran

WebpageTranslator A matchless specimen of comprehensiveness and brevity  of the message of Qur’an, a  whole world of meaning has been compressed into  three short sentences in Surah 103, in  few brief words, which is too vast in content to be fully expressed even in a book. In it, in a clear and plain way it has been stated what is the way to true success & salvation for man and what is the way to ruin and destruction for him. The great scholar of Islam; Imam Shafie has very rightly said that if the people only consider (understand) this Chapter well, it alone would suffice them for their guidance( Ibne Kathir ), he is also reported to have said that , if only this Chapter was revealed in the Qur’an, it would have been sufficient for the guidance of mankind (Abdah). How important this Surah was in the sight of the Companions can be judged from the tradition cited from  Abdullah bin Hisn ad-Darimi Abu Madinah , according to which whenever any two o

Granada, Alhamra and a love affair

WebpageTranslator I must have been less than ten years old when I first heard of Alhamra and Granada. PTV’s drama serial Shaheen, which was based on Nasim Hijazi’s novel, had captured my young imagination. Badr bin Mughira was perhaps my first childhood hero. I wanted to grow up like him – a handsome and chivalrous warrior – concerned with the tragedy of Muslim downfall and in love with Rabia, whose beauty eclipsed that of Alhamra! Such were the days. Some twenty years later I was walking in the same gardens where Badr and Rabia might have bid their farewell. I was standing in the same halls where treacherous Abu Dawud and incompetent Abu Abdullah might have decided the fate of Granada and its people. But then I had grown out of the spell of Hijazi’s historical-fictional narrative and dreams of Badr and Rabia had long been forgotten. Then, I was a graduate student at a university near Valencia. Therefore, my reasons for being in Spain were

Multimedia e-Books-Free

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Women Subjugated or Emancipated

  Women Liberated- Video Playlist: Related links:   http://FaithForum.Wordpress.Com    Women in Islam Short Link:

Free Will & Predestination: Discord or Concord

WebpageTranslator Predestination is the most misconstrue doctrine of theology, the misunderstanding has been catastrophic for the people and even nations.  Christianity  and Islam have their own doctrines.  Some people exploit the supreme power of God and His Will, to take refuge for their wrong actions behind Will of God, as if they are innocent, saying; “it was will of God, that I killed a person” or “It was will of God that I am disbeliever” and so on. If human being are not free to perform good or evil deeds, then it is unfair to  punish them, it is against justice of God. But God is not unjust. lets try to understand this doctrine through Bible and Quran: The balanced Islamic doctrine of Predestination is based upon professing  His Will, Power to plan and execute , His ‘ Timeless Knowledge ’ and  limited freedom of choice  granted to man for trial. Read full >>>>

US prepares for worst-case scenario with Pakistan Nukes; Trigger WW3 ?

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons And The United States   Leon E. Panetta, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, who replaced Robert M. Gates as defense secretary on July 1, said during his confirmation hearing last week that Pakistan, an important American ally, also remains a serious problem. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the relationship with Pakistan was "one of the most critical, and yet one of the most complicated and frustrating relationships that we have." Mr. Panetta added that Pakistan's nuclear weapons remained a concern because of "the danger that those nukes could wind up in the wrong hands." So, what will happen at that point in time? This is a part of the vision that I have seen. US at war with Pakistan Real facts about US plan. Implementation of NEW WORLD ORDER Attack on Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons to result in WWW-3 

Largest Social Unrest- Protests in Israel Overlooked Worldwide

WebpageTranslator By Jean Shaoul  Over a quarter million people took to the to the streets Saturday to protest spiralling living costs and soaring rents that are making it impossible for working people to make ends meet. The marches were the largest social protest in Israel’s history; accounting for the size of Israel’s population, this is the equivalent of a protest by 10 million people in the United States, or 2 million in Britain. At the largest rally in Tel Aviv, over 200,000 young people, retired couples and families, both Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews, demonstrated under the slogan “the government has abandoned the people.” Banners read “The People Demand Social Justice” and “An entire generation  demands a future.” At least 30,000 people turned out in Jerusalem, with some demonstrators marching on the residence of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Smaller rallies took place in Beer Sheva, Haifa and s