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Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar- Burma by Buddhist Terrorists

The Turkish foreign minister and wife of Turkish Prime mister  visited oppressed Muslims of Burma to console and help them. Turkey is a secular country with Muslim majority but; Where are the so called the leaders and rulers of Muslim countries who claim to be champion of cause of Islam and Muslims?  Busy to please their Masters to protect their ill-gotten wealth and Power! Present Turkish government truly represents the sentiments of their people and the Muslims world  over. Its time for Turkey to come forward to take on the leadership role of Muslim world, with or  WITHOUT the title Caliphate. Its the spirit which matters not the title... Allah may bless the peole and present leadership of Turkey.  Türk Başbakanı bayım bir Türk dışişleri bakanı ve karısı onları teselli ve yardıma Birmanya mazlum Müslümanların ziyaret etti. Türkiye, Müslüman çoğunluğa sahip laik bir ülke ama; nereye kadar liderleri ve İslam ve Müslümanların neden şampiyon olduğunu iddia eden Müslüman ülkelerin yön

Why the existence of Pakistan is not in India’s interest

Pakistan has been a thorn in India’s left side for 65 years, and amazingly, India has tolerated its pain and irritation, against most odds of human nature.  After four wars and multiple proxy wars waged by Pakistan, it still doesn’t count as much for India – a big elephant that is difficult to move.  India’s Pakistan policy practices restraint and constraint against an enemy that hates it, that was born in conflict against India in brutal bloodshed, and even now hopes one day to overcome a weak India.   Despite all the difficulties that Pakistan has faced and faces – internal political turmoil and terrorist threats, external issues in Afghanistan, an economy that is on the verge of collapse, and being condemned around the world for its export of terrorism – Pakistan still has the energy and gumption to promote proxy wars in India via Nepal, Bangladesh, and, of course, Kashmir.   Which concept of rationality in the modern world can accept Pakistan’s belligerent and incon

Bias against Islam is deeply rooted in Western minds

 After many years of a negative portrayal, bias Against Islam and Muslims is deeply rooted in Western minds and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, Spanish journalist Yusuf Fernandez says. Fernandez, who is the secretary of the Muslim Federation of Spain and an editor of Al Manar Spanish website, made the remarks …   Continue reading  » Visit:

Capitalism and Islam: What is the difference?

Islam gives supreme allusion to brotherhood and socio-economic justice and obliges a balance satisfaction of both the material and the spiritual needs. Islam instructs its economic system which is fundamentally distinct from the existing economic systems, i.e. capitalism, socialism and communism. The aim of Islamic economic system is not primarily on private earning but rather based on the concept of human well-being and good life. Historically, Muslims have participated in global business and even in the exchange of cultures. This has been experienced since the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah Be upon Him). After his termination in 633 AD at Madina, among his followers went and settled to the various places of the world for the propagation of Islam and at the same time, engaged in trade and exchange of cultures. Some settled at Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Iran, Jerusalem and in the distant part of the world from Morocco and Spain in the West, to India, China and Sou

Top 10 Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories USA

A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.  The American radical right has to be considered a strong contender for the title of modern conspiracy champion.  Conspiracy theorizing has flourished as a virtual art form in all nations and across all political persuasions. But the American radical right has to be considered a strong contender for the title of modern conspiracy champion. A vast body of academic literature exists exploring this history, of which Richard Hofstadter's 1964 essay, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" is the most famous. Hundreds of books and articles have chronicled the rise (and fall) of an unceasing march of disparate conspiracy-based movements that, at different points in American history, have trembled before an