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The Truth Commission of Pakistan ” ٹروتھ کمیشن”

Corruption is deeply rooted in our society that no government can be free from the clutches of the corrupt mafia. بدعنوانی کی جڑیں ہمارے معاشرے میں اتنی گہری ہو چکی ہیں کہ کوئی بھی حکومت یا ادارہ کرپٹ مافیا کے چنگل سے آزاد نہیں  … پڑھتے جائیں >> 1.There is a dire need for the patriotic, concerned citizens to come forward and establish THE TRUTH COMMISSION (No reconciliation). 2.THE TRUTH COMMISSION should comprise honest volunteers of high integrity from major segments of the society without any political bias or other interests. 3.They should formulate working procedures to take on the major corruption, mismanagement, and other issues of national interest and “Fix Responsibility”. 4.This would be is a moral commission/ pressure group, not a legal one. 5.It will build pressure at the official & unofficial level for accountability and reforms. 6.THE TRUTH COMMISSION will derive its moral strengths from public support via an “Online Public Support Counter”. The Counter and