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Attacks on Islam- The Rebuttal

After 911 it is trendy among some extremist to blame and criticize Islam, Qur’an the Holy Scripture and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for all the troubles on this planet especially the menace of terrorism. Amazingly the critics lack in the basic knowledge of their own faith [Christianity] and scripture [Bible]. Their crude little knowledge about Islam is based upon anti Islamic biased sources which add fuel to the fire. Intellectually they are at the same level as extremists or elsewhere. They try to make their writings authentic by quoting isolated verses from Qur’an mostly out of context to extract meanings satisfying their preconceived notions. The methodology is to mix half-truths with references and outright lies, either without references or irrelevant references.   One is made to believe as if no good can be found in Islam, even a Muslims marrying a widow as a social welfare service is projected as a scheme to produce more warriors. Such people claim to educate the non Mu