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Give None Offence-Peace

We are living in a Global Village; the humanity has to learn to live in peace as good neighbors by tolerating the divergent views of members of other Faiths. The Bible and Qur’an are unanimous: ·      “.. Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyselfs..”.[Matthew 22:39-40, similarly Leviticus 19:18]  ·      “ good to your parents, kinfolks, orphans, the helpless, near and far neighbors who keep company with you..” [Qur’an;4:36]. [More verses quoted below]. However extremist with Jewish, Christians and Muslim names try to interpret the scriptures to their convenience to justify their unethical activities. Such people though in minority, succeed to tarnish the image of whole community, [they falsely pretend to represent] through their malicious actions.  Recently some people with Christian names have re-launched the blasphemous campaign under the guise of “Freedom of Expression” against honorable Prophet of Islam, highly revered by 1.5 Billion Muslims. How much love and affection M

Caliphate Redundant or Relevant?

Many people think that in modern era there is no room for a primitive concept like Khilafat, while others think that it is the only solution to the problems faced by Muslims. These two are extreme positions. The nostalgia of Caliphate lingers on the collective memory of Muslims as a symbol of unity in the glorious past. The urge for revival of splendor and dignity has turned some to make efforts for revival of the Caliphate, as a quick fix to the complex problems of lost identify and grandeur. This has alarmed the oppressive corrupt Muslim regimes as well as the neocolonial powers. While the viability of establishment of system of Caliphate in some form is yet a distant proposition, there is a need to look in to this concept in political, economic, geographical, historic and religious perspective. This e-book briefly discusses the religiopolitical aspects of concept of Khilafat with in historic milieu. More @     Or see below.... Caliphate, Shariah an