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Causes of conflict between Islam and the USA , West

Why Islam has not undergone culture reform?  His answer: Muslims have been on the defensive for hundreds of years, their enemies continually threaten them and Westerners have never given Muslims an opportunity to think. They have always bombarded the Muslim world with their industrial power, scientific and technological capabilities and with their capacity to rule and dominate the world. They have never let it develop and examine itself. Writes Robert Fisk of The Independent. Fisk argued the US policy on Islam is based on enmity, asking: Why is the US in Iraq, the Middle East, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Germany, Turkey and Greece? Why are there US soldiers all around the world, beyond the US boundaries? What do they intend to do there? He made a comparison between the number of soldiers involved in the Crusades in the 12th century and the number of US soldiers currently deployed in the Middle East. The result is unbelievable: currently, the num

Muslim Anxieties and India’s Future

A couple of weeks ago, Narendra Modi was celebrating his biggest electoral triumph since becoming India’s prime minister in 2014. His Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had swept into power in Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state and one of its poorest. The scale of the victory left the BJP’s opponents shell-shocked, and seemed to indicate that Modi will be a shoo-in to secure a second term in 2019. Anticipating deeper economic reforms from a strengthened Modi administration, India’s stock market surged. But there is one group with little reason to celebrate the BJP’s victory: India’s 172 million Muslims. For decades, most of India’s political parties have practiced forms of “strategic secularism” to secure a so-called Muslim vote bank – an approach that has stoked resentment among the country’s Hindu majority while doing little to improve Muslims’ wellbeing. The BJP has gone another route, focusing on drawing votes from aggrieved Hindus. In Uttar Pradesh, t

Martin McGuinness: The 'super-terrorist who became a super-statesman – like so many others

Martin McGuinness followed along the familiar trail of so many enemies of Britain’s weary colonial history. A “super-terrorist” becomes a super-statesman. Jomo Kenyatta comes to mind. And Archbishop Makarios. And of course, Menachem Begin. With blood on their hands, they pass through that mist of nobility bestowed by colonial power and former rulers – and re-emerge as statesmen of compromise, eloquence, even humour. I’ve never been sure they really changed that much. Begin blew up the King David Hotel, murdered two British army sergeants because the Brits were executing Irgun fighters, and became Prime Minister of Israel. He signed a peace agreement with Egypt, met Margaret Thatcher – then invaded Lebanon in 1982: 17,000 died. In fact, most of these folk recalled their past with a certain amount of caution. “Father of the Nation”, they liked to be called – although that hardly applied to McGuinness. Michael Collins went through a similar transmogrificat

Countering Terrorist Narrative

The military action just one part of war against terrorists. The ideological front remains untapped, except occasional condemnation Fatwas (religious edicts) by gatherings of Islamic Scholars. The terrorists continue recruitment through their propaganda machine via internet through twisted interpretations of Islamic holy texts. The common terrorists,  their sympathizers and supporters within society are not aware of reality. There is very little to confront and expose their false ideology in the media. The rise of Islamophobia plays into the narrative of ISIS or Daesh that's exactly what they want, for some Muslims to feel that they are not part and parcel of their adopted homelands in the Western societies . People like Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi in power with well known anti Muslim stand, provide more fuel to Islamophobia which suits the terrorists. The terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko-Haram and many others cla