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 Global Struggles for Dominance: Noam Chomsky on ISIS, NATO and Russia

Has ISIS taken a foothold inside Europe? Is Erdogan's Turkey in the process of making a huge geopolitical shift that will change the balance of power in one of the most volatile regions if the world? Are NATO and the US moving toward peace or war with Russia? In this latest exclusive interview for Truthout, Noam Chomsky offers unique insights on these issues, challenging prevailing narratives about what is happening around the world. C.J. Polychroniou: The rise of ISIS (also known as Daesh or ISIL) is a direct consequence of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and represents today, by far, the most brutal and dangerous terrorist organization we have seen in recent memory. It also appears that its tentacles have reached beyond the "black holes" created by the United States in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan and have now taken hold inside Europe, a fact acknowledged recently by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In fact, it has been estimated that attacks orga

Agitation and uncertain politics

If political confrontation persists for some time, the political situation will become uncertain. The simmering discontent will then persist. However, some sudden triggering development either because of the confrontation between the PML-N and the opposition or because of adventurism on the part of the prime minister in his interaction with the establishment can create an entirely new political scenario. 》》》

Holy Lands by Nicolas Pelham review – positive thinking about the Middle East

An impeccably qualified author, frustrated with media negativity, sees a solution in pluralism and a revival of overlapping faith communities  Representatives of Iraq’s Shia ayatollahs shepherd Christian bishops round the Imam Ali shrine in the holy city of Najaf. At the nearby University of Kufa the dean of the Islamic Law faculty runs a Talmud class as part of his inter-faith programme. Rabbi Michael Melchior, a former Israeli deputy foreign minister, crafts an alternative peace agreement for Palestine with Nasr al-Din al-Shaer, Hamas’s former deputy prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority. Meanwhile, in Istanbul local Muslim and Christian leaders broach the idea of reconsecrating Hagia Sophia, once the seat of the Byzantine patriarch and later the Ottoman caliph’s favourite mosque, as a shared sanctuary where each of the two religions could pray on Fridays and Sundays. Some might call these phenomena aberrations, but for Nicolas Pelham they are evidence t

Fethullah Gulen on 'GPS': Failed Turkey coup looked 'like a Hollywood movie'

 Fethullah Gulen, the reclusive cleric accused by Turkey of hatching a military coup attempt, concedes that his supporters could have been involved in the putsch but again denied any direct connection. Watch: "There might have been some sympathetic people [to Gulen] among them," he told CNN's Fareed Zakaria in an interview. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pointed the finger of blame for the failed uprising squarely at Gulen. A bitter rival of the embattled President, Gulen is the leader of a popular movement called Hizmet. But the government refers to his group as the "Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organization." The 77-year-old imam, who left Turkey for the United States in 1999, has been living in self-imposed exile in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. On GPS: Who organized the coup to overthrow Ergodan? 01:00 In the CNN interview, he called for an international organization to investigate government claims connecting him to