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Jerusalem’s significance in Islamic civilization

Problem with video? Click here <<<>>> Jerusalem is considered one of the most ancient cities in the world. It was demolished and reconstructed more than eighteen times throughout history. It was established 5000 years BC by the Arab Jebusites who grow up in the heart of the Arabic peninsula. They moved with other Arabs, constructed Jerusalem and called it the city of peace. Historians believe that all the residents of Jerusalem shared a Canaanite origins and their mother tongue was the Canaanite language. After the Babylon conquest, Persian was added as an official language. In the beginning, Canaanite people were shepherds and when they settled afterwards in Palestine it was named after them Canaan. Historians were in consensus that the first monuments recognized in Palestine were theirs. They were the first Palestinian inhabitants after departing the Arab peninsula. Undoubtedly, Jerusalem has Islamic origins, since all the messenger

New weapons, new wars

Problem with video? Click here <<<>>> THROUGHOUT history, the emergence of new and more effective weapons has usually led to war or escalated violence. Each new weapon — the broadsword, lance, longbow, siege machine, heavy cavalry, gunpowder, cannons, repeating rifle, machine-gun, battle tank, aeroplane, helicopter, submarines, ballistic and cruise missile — in its time changed military equations and led to aggression by those who had gained the military advantage, even if temporarily. Unfortunately, nuclear weapons were no exception. On the other hand, other than decisive defeat or victory, wars ended, or were avoided, when military power, and the weapons which are its essential components, were equally matched. Problem with video? Click here <<<>>> In the modern world, the asymmetry of military power and weapons systems has grown dramatically. Smaller and poorer nations have little or no capacity to defend themsel

Israel's Oppression: The latest Gaza catastrophe

What now for the people and politics of Gaza? He was one of the last Palestinians to be killed during Gaza's eight-day war with Israel - a conflict which Hamas, despite the loss of a military chief and scores of men, celebrated as its victory. >>>> keep reading Click for latest updates <<<<<>>>>> Many aspects of the current assault on Gaza pass under the radar screens of world conscience. The media double standards in the West on the new and tragic Israeli escalation of violence directed at Gaza were epitomised by an absurdly partisan  New York Times  front page headline: "Rockets Target Jerusalem; Israel girds for Gaza Invasion" ( NYT , Nov 16, 2012). Decoded somewhat, the message is this: Hamas is the aggressor, and Israel when and if it launches a ground attack on Gaza must expect itself to be further attacked by rockets. This is a stunningly Orwellian re-phrasing of reality.

David Petraeus scandal , Morality, Ethics & Security

Gen David Petraeus, one of America's most prominent military officers, resigned after admitting he had had an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. Now the top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen John Allen, has been linked to another woman already tied to both Gen Petraeus and Mrs Broadwell. The  David Petraeus  scandal  Updates <<<click>>> Petraeus: Victim of American infantilism By:  Robert Grenier Former CIA station chief Robert Grenier heads ERG Partners, a financial consultancy firm. A feckless violation of the General's personal life has cost the US one of its top public servants. Bordel Militaire Controle : That was the rather bureaucratic term applied to official "supervised military bordellos" run by the French Army during much of the 20th century. Clear-eyed French defence officials of the First World War conceded that some proportion - and perhaps a large proportion - of the soldiers whom they deploy

Why America Failed?

Click here to watch video anywhere <<<<<>>>>> Why America Failed  shows how, from its birth as a nation of "hustlers" to its collapse as an empire, the tools of the country's expansion proved to be the instruments of its demise Why America Failed  is the third and most engaging volume of Morris Berman's trilogy on the decline of the American empire. In  The Twilight of American Culture,  Berman examined the internal factors of that decline, showing that they were identical to those of Rome in its late-empire phase. In  Dark Ages America,  he explored the external factors—e.g., the fact that both empires were ultimately attacked from the outside—and the relationship between the events of 9/11 and the history of U.S. foreign policy. In his most ambitious work to date, Berman looks at the "why" of it all Probes America's commitment to economic liberalism and free enterprise stretching back to the late sixteenth