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Zionism- God’s Land Grant to the Jewish People – Conditional or Unconditional?

Christian Zionism : The Real Threat to The World Peace Christian Zionism Introduction Donald Trump, the US president recently announced his decision to shift US embassy to Jerusalem. This unjust decision is against the UN resolutions and stand of community of nations across the globe. This has created turbulence among the...  [Continue reading...] The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge by Ilan Pappe: A Summary by Colin Chapman Even in the most chaotic and violent moments of this new historical process, world opinion has not absolved Israel from its continued oppression of the Palestinians. Israel is seen more and more as a colonialist state that survived the twentieth century...  [Continue reading...] The Zionist Cuckoos in Christianity’s Nest “The question is, are we seriously to believe that an all-powerful supernatural being has chosen and elevated one group of humans to a position of supremacy above all others, and has approved the use of any me

The contradiction at the heart of Christian Zionism

A Christian Zionist organisation is planning an interfaith Feast of Tabernacles conference which has drawn the wrath of Israel's Chief Rabbinate. A statement signed by Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau and Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef reads: "We have learned that missionary elements [working on behalf] of the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem are organizing a large conference during the Sukkot holiday. Some of this organization's goals are to convert Jews [to Christianity]." The statement continues: "Even though it may be that the conference organizers are friends to the State of Israel, in practice the event constitutes a spiritual danger and undermines [the state's] Jewish character." Here's the contradiction at the heart of Christian Zionism, or much of it, at least. Christian Zionists have a genuine theological commitment to the State of Israel, whose existence is regarded as a fulfilment of prophecy, and a desire to see the safety an