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05 June 2011

War of Terror or Error

"حرب الإرهاب أو خطأ" "מלחמת טרור או שגיאה"
Why support the Pak Army? 

War of Terror or Error- Great Debate [URDU]: http://t.co/mgxwX7E
FATA or Laboratory of Terror? [URDU]  http://t.co/sjfYOvf
Methodology of Implementation of Shari'a? By Force, Preaching or Elections. [URDU]..http://t.co/iIdn66t
Mumbai to Mehran, Al Qaeda , ISI & Indo-Pak War http://t.co/Kd6fosU

Pakistan and the US: A Too-Close Embrace? http://t.co/EQqCBQY 

Don’t be Deceived, Know the Real Enemies of PEACE: http://fb.me/128f56sVg
Big Change on the Cards: Imran Khanhttp://t.co/Gx10sWf
The Woes of an Ostrich Republic  http://t.co/QRoVhBq
USA Friend or Foe -2:  http://t.co/KAVIdp6
USA - A Friend or Foe of Pakistan-1 http://t.co/MzEkrPV
How is India Reacting to the PNS Mehran Crisis? http://t.co/NVcRKD8
Analysis-Terrorist Attack at Pakistan Naval Air Base...http://t.co/DzNdtvb
Pakistan must Stand Up for itself: http://t.co/eBvzMEC
Shattering Some Mythshttp://t.co/QEfQjpY
Wisdom and Faith http://t.co/OTjaGV5
Genocide of Muslims in Europe - Mladic’s Killing Fields in Srebrenica: http://t.co/dZZmY0N
Genocide of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila: http://t.co/3hyqO8H