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12 August 2011

Free Will & Predestination: Discord or Concord

Predestination is the most misconstrue doctrine of theology, the misunderstanding has been catastrophic for the people and even nations. Christianity and Islam have their own doctrines. Some people exploit the supreme power of God and His Will, to take refuge for their wrong actions behind Will of God, as if they are innocent, saying; “it was will of God, that I killed a person” or “It was will of God that I am disbeliever” and so on. If human being are not free to perform good or evil deeds, then it is unfair to  punish them, it is against justice of God. But God is not unjust. lets try to understand this doctrine through Bible and Quran: The balanced Islamic doctrine of Predestination is based upon professing His Will, Power to plan and execute, His ‘Timeless Knowledge’ and limited freedom of choice granted to man for trial. Read full >>>> http://wp.me/PCgrB-8g