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07 February 2016

Questions you have to answer!

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Today’s young parents should indeed be prepared to be asked some awkward questions by their children when they grow up. 

  1. Why were you quiet even after thousands of Pakistanis were slaughtered by extremists? 
  2. What was the state waiting for before finally launching a military operation against the extremists? 
  3. Were you looking the other way when schoolgirls were being shot in the face and then called agents? 
  4. How did you react when students were being cut down at schools and universities? Why did you allow such a situation to exist? 
  5. Why don’t you talk about it? 
  6. Are you ashamed of it, or did you actually defend what the extremists were doing?
  7. Pakistani children today are living in extremely testing times. Their memory of such a time is bound to finally make them ask some pointed and difficult questions from their parents and the state of Pakistan when they grow up. 
So be ready, and more so, be honest.
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Image result for terrorism in pakistan


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