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04 February 2014

Religion cause wars?

There is no scholarly agreement on the most common motivations for war.
Motivations may be different for those
ordering the war than for those undertaking the war. Since many people are involved, a war may acquire a life of its own from the confluence of many different motivations. In Why Nations Go to War, by John G.Stoessinger, the author points out that both sides will claim that morality justifies their fight. He also states that the rationale for beginning a war depends on an overly optimistic assessment of the outcome of hostilities (casualties and costs), and on misconceptions of the enemy's intentions.
This is an endeavor to analyse the role of
religion as a cause of wars through the
history, remove misconceptions to
understand the real cause of wars to avoid them, if possible. Keep reading.. http://freebookpark.blogspot.com/2014/02/religion-cause-wars.html?m=1