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Bin Laden Operation: A Bluff !




“Quite obviously, meetings go on 24 hours a day, deciding what “new evidence” to concoct to add to the video tapes, personal diary and pornography claimed to have been found already. Has no one ever heard the time honored adage, ‘less is more?’”

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The frozen body of Osama bin Laden, very real “currency,” would not have been spent on less.

Nothing could be worse than the story released by the Obama administration. Their claim is that 25 Navy Seals were flown into Pakistan to murder an unarmed and unguarded man whose identity is now in doubt. Legal experts around the world universally characterize the operation, if it actually happened at all, as a criminal act and those involved as subject to prosecution. This issue is unlikely to gain much attention, however, as the majority of people who had not concluded that Osama bin Laden had died in 2001 as reported are now reconsidering their position.
Is President Obama having it both ways, claiming revenge for 9/11 by ordering the murder of someone never named in connection with 9/11 in any way and putting the killing in question by, not only destroying all evidence, but by releasing contradictory and easily discredited versions of the event? Is Obama, as many have long suspected, “channeling” George “W” Bush, the master bungler of all time?
Either way, there is one victim for certain and that is the members of the military services of the United States who will be judged, not by the real facts but rather the political mechanations of the increasingly bizarre stories released to the press on a daily basis. Each new story released shows signs of poor operational judgement where “salting” the “crime scene” with evidence has obviously gotten out of hand, an obvious problem when 46,000 “secret agents” were given 15 years to hunt down and capture a man believed dead for 10 of those 15 years.
Worse yet, senior CIA officials from the Reagan/Bush I era claim bin Laden was and always continued to be “rock solid” as an American intelligence agent until his death, or at least one of his deaths.
Even worse still, eyewitness accounts reported in Pakistan indicate that the bin Laden mission was scrapped after a helicopter crash.  The version given, but yet unconfirmed, has Americans leaving only with their dead, abandoning their wreckage and never having entered what is claimed to have been the bin Laden “compound.”
Quite obviously, meetings go on 24 hours a day, deciding what “new evidence” to concoct to add to the video tapes, personal diary and pornography claimed to have been found already. Has no one ever heard the time honored adage, “less is more?”

This is a classic case of “too many cooks spoil the pot.”
Wild stories about 40 minute firefights and “Osama bin Laden” standing on a bed with an AK 47 on full-auto while using his wife as a human shield made the SEAL team involved look like clowns. The SEALS are among the best trained and most effective elite fighting forces in the world. Last year, I met with Hershel Davis, known as “Father of the Seals,” to discuss his distinguished career and his experiences while operating inside Pakistan.
One thing is clear. SEALS were chosen because of their history of secrecy. The entire “bin Laden/Abbottabad” operation is a fiction. The ploy was to use Navy SEALS to trade on their reputation and heroism in order to “sell” a cover story to serve a long series of agenda’s.
The real end result for members of America’s armed forces is to have them cast as bullies, liars and murderers. What we have is a replay of the Delta Force’s operation at Tora Bora, a theatrical construct with a wild story intended on providing a rationale for a decade of war, begun, sustained and ultimately lost based on a fairy tale.
The original “Tora Bora follies,” Osama bin Laden and his entourage leaving his massive luxurious underground complex in a fleet of white GMC Yukon XLs with the aid of local warlords while the Delta Force was “called back for consultation” is as believable as the mysterious funeral of the imaginary Osama bin Laden, an old man seen on video watching television whose biometric signature in no way remotely resembles the facial recognition patterns of the real Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden, the real bin Laden, worked for years with the CIA and was photographed many times.
Veterans Today contributor and senior defense analyst, Brigadier General Asif Haroon Raja made the following observations:
Hardly a week has lapsed since the shattering news of helicopter assault by US SEALs leading to Osama bin Laden’s death and already several branches have sprouted from the trunk of the original story.
Too many doubts are being expressed about the authenticity of the claims made by rejoicing US leaders. As the clouds of skepticism are getting thicker, euphoria of US leadership is correspondingly getting deflated.
Or it was a hoax to cash upon the ghost of Osama? Or was it to stir up uprising in Pakistan similar to the ones in Arab countries and then make it a pretext to take actions as in case of Libya?
Even if we blindly accept the one-sided US story, how come Osama being a trained fighter with no dearth of chivalry chose to live in a house which had no protection? Like the minefield being of no value unless covered with fire, high walls of the house are of no consequence without inner protective shield.
Since the house was devoid of arsenal and he had not put up token resistance even with his personal weapon, it means Osama had given up militancy and was leading a quiet and peaceful life with his family. Was it fair to kill an unarmed man?
Pretext of his burial at sea is unconvincing since the Afghans are not inclined to the idea of shrines. Osama was wanted since 2001 dead or alive. How come, when the golden trophy was seized, it was disposed off in indecent haste rather than displaying it in all the 50 states of USA? The US has yet to furnish proofs that Osama was killed. No photograph of his dead body within the Abbottabad house or before and during his burial at sea has been displayed.


Since 9/11 with Rudy Giuliani’s tireless hounding of the limelight, “heroics by proxy,” honoring heroes has been a shameful form of exploitation of the sacrifice and honor of others for political and financial gain. No war in history has made so many billionaires while fighting an enemy that has proven to be 99% fabrication. As conspiracy theory gives way to hard evidence, the demolition of the towers at the World Trade Center has become fact.

Years later when 345 New York firefighters have died of radiation sickness with thousands more sick or dying from illnesses purposefully misdiagnosed or attributed to spurious and unspecified “toxic” sources, the sinister hand of exploitation isn’t hard to see. 3000 died on 9/11, not from terror attacks but proven controlled demolition. 6000 more Americans have died to avenge their deaths while several hundred thousand, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan 85% civilians, 100% victims of an illegal war of aggression, have died so far with more each day.
The sick from Ground Zero fight “tooth and nail” for medical care and compensation while tens of thousands of troops once considered heroes have been drummed out the military, wounded, sick, “used up,” many with no benefits or medical care. 18 kill themselves each day.
Another memorable sight on 9/11 was Secretary Rumsfeld on the pristine Pentagon lawn, theoretical location of 100 tons of aircraft wreckage, seats, bodies, luggage, wings, tail section, all invisible to the naked eye. Soon after, Rumsfeld would mention the missile that hit the Pentagon. He would say it once and the press would forgive that mistaken moment of honesty.
During the 1988 election, Democratic candidate Mike Dukakis was attacked continually for being photographed wearing wearing an Army helmet, riding in a tank. Similarly, President George “W” Bush, whose truncated military career, now classified a “national secret,” includes allegation of failed drug tests and desertion, appeared in another infamous photo, the famed “Mission Accomplished” fiasco claiming victory in a war that is still going on nearly a decade later. Bush’s photo in fighter pilot garb is considered a “Chickenhawk classic.
Worse still were the carefully staged “terror alerts” and phony bin Laden tapes released at critical times to influence elections or the passage of questionable legislation.
Between 2002 and 2008, Vice President Cheney, a man who shunned military service through numerous deferments was seen on television by the US Armed Forces an average of 35 times per day, primarily standing beside decorated soldiers. (AFN and Pentagon Channel)
The clearest accomplishments of the War on Terror have been clearly defined:
  • $3 trillion has disappeared from the defense budget, funds missing and unaccounted for
  • $5 million a year in opium production in Afghanistan as of 2001 is now $80 billion in heroin production, 93% of the world’s supply
  • At least 25% of the crude oil pumped from Iraq between 2003 and 2008 was never paid for


Emil Lee Wanta, the White House official designated to repatriate Stinger missiles still in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the Soviet withdrawal, first met “Tim Osman,” the CIA code name for Osama bin Laden in 1989. Wanta, along with William Casey and Bill Colby (CIA Directors) made up the ISA (Intelligence Support Agency), a group tasked with eliminating rogue intelligence operations, CIA and other, that had sprung up resulting from operations in Central America and the Af-Pak theatre.
Iran-Contra was one of those operations, there were others, many others. It is obvious that the ISA was less than successful. Many Reagan era insiders were convicted of crimes including, eventually, Emil Lee Wanta.

Wanta was originally named by Reagan as Inspector General of the Department of Defense, eventually slated to take over as Defense Secretary from Casper Weinberger (later convicted during Iran Contra and pardoned). That appointment was blocked by Secretary of State George Schultz.
Wanta, then working out of Vienna, was approached by Osama bin Laden, the CIA’s prime intermediary with both Saudi Arabia and resupply operations in Afghanistan, with replacing Stinger missiles claimed to have been expended in combat with both Soviet forces and those of the Afghan government. Wanta describes his meeting with “Tim Osman,” Osama bin Laden’s “working identity,” along with James Chi, the then station chief in Islamabad.
Stinger missiles had been found for sale in the Peshawar arms bazaar, offered to any and all takers. The first order of business was to recover these weapons before they fell into the hands of real terrorists, those not in the employ of the CIA.
Wanta and Chi put out a “buy order” and repurchased several missiles for cash. They then met with bin Laden. They confronted bin Laden with the fact that some of the missiles they recovered bore the serial numbers of units listed by bin Laden as “expended.” Bin Laden then indicated that the remainder of the Stingers were stored in Peshawar.

Bin Laden was very specific on how he was to be paid and more specific on how unpleasant things would get if money wasn’t forthcoming.
Payment was arranged directly to bin Laden who had the missiles loaded on trucks. Bin Laden is described as in traditional garb, shod in sandals and very unkempt. Meetings were held in English.
The bin Laden Stinger inventory, 116 missiles, were flown into Frankfurt, Germany and turned over to Customs and Treasury there. Secretary of State Schultz complained that the use of Germany in this transaction violated the prerogative of Secretary of State and filed a formal complaint.
Wanta reports that bin Laden was considered the CIA’s most trusted and reliable asset. That relationship continued, part of the complex interaction between the Bush family, the bin Laden family and their son, Osama bin Laden. At no time was Osama bin Laden ever considered “rogue.”
At no time was Osama bin Laden considered out of favor with either his own family or the Bush family to which he was closely aligned.
Osama bin Laden is confirmed to have received medical care, including kidney dialysis, on several occasions as late as 2000, at US military facilities in the Gulf.
There had been reports of Osama bin Laden being involved in a CIA operation involving China as late as September 2001. I was told there were no active operations against China. The intelligence relationship with China was being managed, according to sources, directly by George H.W. Bush and the Chinese representative Henry Kok (Kok Howe Kwong). Slightly differing versions of meetings in Singapore including Bush, Kok, CIA Counsel Jan Morton Heger and others over disbursement of very substantial assets in Rubles make no mention of a Saudi financial interest in with the CIA in this area.
Were the Saudi’s to have been involved, Osama bin Laden would have represented their government, according to reliable sources.
CIA sources claim Osama bin Laden, “Tim Osman” to them, was no longer operational after late 2001. It is their understanding that he died of kidney failure and his body was recovered and put in freezer storage. When questioned about other possible diseases, they insist that he was under treatment for kidney disease only.

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