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08 January 2011

Eurabian Nightmare a Myth?

The leaders of the EU have unleashed the Eurabian nightmare on the continent. The people are just beginning to respond, and it is unclear what the outcome of this particular battle against totalitarian Islam will be. However the people of Europe choose, we should hope that they do not choose the path of being smothered under the soft pillows of their state-run nursing homes, by legions of young pro-natalist third world aides named Muhammad.

For Europeans, Europe is becoming an expensive retirement home for a shrinking demographic. For third world muslim immigrants, Europe is a wealthy world of never-ending welfare payments and first-class obstetrical wards. Muhammad is becoming the most popular name for boys in newborn nurseries, grammar schools, and prisons across Europe. Third world immigrants and their children appear to be inheriting Europe from far meeker and far more anti-natalist Europeans.

Small pockets of pro-European and anti-IslamoTotalitarian resistance have arisen in various parts of the dying continent. German Thilo Sarrazin is one European courageous enough to stand up and brave the ire of the politically correct ruling classes of Europe. Sarrazin's book has sold well in Europe, and has been a wakeup call to concerned Europeans who had sensed the impending end of European liberalism, but had not been able to put words to the building sense of dread they had been feeling.
Full story:http://alfin2100.blogspot.com/2011/01/opposing-totalitarian-islam-resisting.html
Just an other display of Islamophobia, nothing to worry, gradual integration will be mutually beneficial, after all it worked for 800 years in Spain... why not now...