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08 January 2011

US has right to interfere in Pakistan's affairs'- Just Shut up

Islamabad, Jan 8 (IANS) The US has the right to interfere in Pakistan's economic and governance affairs as Washington provides funds to it, the American envoy here has asserted.
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said the US was the largest aid giver to Pakistan and, therefore, it has the right to interfere in economic and governance affairs, Geo News reported Saturday.
Addressing a ceremony here, the ambassador said the US made demands to Pakistan with respect and dignity, adding that the statement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the issue of fuel prices was misquoted.
Clinton had said it was a 'mistake' for Islamabad to reverse the fuel price rises as the move undermined its efforts to bolster its ailing economy.
'We believe that the government of Pakistan must reform its economic laws and regulations, including those that affect fuel and its cost,' Clinton said.
Munter also sought to dispel the impression that the US was mounting pressure on Pakistan for launching military operation in North Waziristan.

USA is not giving charity, it is providing dollars to keep corrupts in power, to serve their masters, for US interests. This so called aid is a fraction of cost of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Your slaves are pocketing money at the cost of  lives of their innocent countrymen, being killed by US drones on one  hand and terrorists on the other.
We do  not need aid, please stop it pack up along with your cronies.  You were kicked out from Vietnam, same shall be your fate in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere. Spend these dollars for the well being of poor Americans. NOW JUST SHUT-UP!