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26 January 2011

Why the U.S. is Loved by Corrupt Rulers but Hated by people in Muslim World?

A Gallup poll conducted in the past, in ten Muslim nations, only 22 percent of the people questioned viewed the United States favorably. This discussion focuses to find answers to following questions:-
  1. Why does the United States foster such hatred in the Islamic world in particular? 
  2. Is it US foreign policy
  3. Its  support of Israel and of repressive Arab regimes in the Middle East? 
  4. Its culture? 
  5. Does globalization spread American values that are simply antithetical, thus disruptive, to the traditional Islamic view of society? 
  6. Just what should US do to win this struggle for the hearts and minds of those who despise them around the world?
Please listen and watch the video carefully, The biased views expressed by some participants, reflect their mid set, which also provide the answers to the questions raised above.

    The corrupt rulers are supported by US and West, because they serve them whole heartedly, they are hated by the poor masses so US and West gets its share of hatred .... 
    ‘History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most  fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.’ (De Lacy O’Leary; “Islam at the Crossroads” London, 1923, p.8).
     It is well known historic fact that after eight centuries of the Muslims in Spain they were totally eliminated from that country after Christian re-conquest. If the Muslims had used force, military or economic there would not have been any Christian left in Spain to have kicked the Muslims out. One cannot charge Muslims with using the sword to convert Spaniards to the Islamic religion. Today, Islam is still spreading all over the world and Muslims have NO sword!! The Muslims were also the masters of India for almost thousand years, but they did not force Islam down the Hindus. In Spain and in India, the Muslims were no paragons of virtue, yet they obeyed the Qur’anic injunctions. Indonesia and Malaysia in the Far East and The majority of the people on the East coast of Africa as far down as Mozambique, as well as the bulk of the inhabitants on the West coast of the continent are Muslims, but history does not record any invading hoards of Muslims from anywhere. The Muslim traders and preachers through their good conduct and moral righteousness achieved the miracle of  conversion. 
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    Comments from Youtube: 

    • That indian guy is heavy.
    • In a strange way, though, I agree with Dinesh. Civilizations do tend to "lash out" when they no longer enjoy the power and status they once did. If we Americans continue to view our position and role in this world through Dinesh's rosy prism (chanting jingoist slogans while our standards of education and productivity continue to slide), we may yet one day become the "civilization that is left behind."
    • Dinesh is clearly an Anti-Islamo-propagandist, and I can prove it. At 8:47 he talks eloquently about the "three ancient civilizations" and makes it sound like India is separate from the "Islamic" civilization. Well, there are around 150M Muslims in India. One of the greatest Indian technologists and philanthropists, Azim Premji, the Chairman of Wipro and a Shia Muslim.
    • 22 percent viewed the United States unfavorable, and 100% of them would move here given the opportunity.
    • The reason why the US is hated is because WE ARE IGNORANT we have no idea about whats going around in the world even though we have ever right to know it ridiculous and i mean look at Europe all they worry about is having fun and getting laid and the US is about KILL KILL KILL until there is nothing left the politicians have their head so far up their ass its not even funny their all morons im a American and i fucking hate this shit
    • Dinesh seems to be unaware of just how similar the British Empire and the United states are. We hauled General Dyer in front of a committee after he murdered Indian demonstrators, we gave out inadequate famine relief. We judged ourselves by impossibly high moral standards and failed to meet them. In other words, we were hypocrites too.
    • Gore Vidal's family invented America? And Al Gore invented the internet. You learn something everyday!
    • lol, nice
    • Dinesh looks at the world thru rose-colored (American) glasses. Good heart; small thinking.
    • How can anyone take Gore Vidal seriously? Germany and Japan the most corrupt states in the world? Because Kohl accepted illegal funding for his party? Give me a break... Germany ranks 14th and Japan 17th best at the Transparency International Index of the most uncorrupt states, before the USA (18th) and well before France (24th)... Why doesn't Vidal blame the French instead?
    • that indian guy is a disgrace, he acts like he doesn't have a clue about history... like the u.s overthrowing the democratically elected leader and installing the sha of iran ( the cia taught the savak nazi torture tactics which were used to strike terror into all who opposed this evil dictator ) they supported suddam hussein and provided him with chemical weapons and helped him use them on people.
      right now they support the dictators in suadi arabia and the murderes over in israel, on and on
    • @liveguns 'That Indian guy." Yeah... You're opinion should count. He has a name.
    • Vidal Gore...... good Lord. What an unpleasant person. Like somebody crapped in his Cheerios on a daily basis for the last 100 years.
    • Give 'em hell, Dinesh!!!
      Dinesh destroyed these idiots.
    • cuddling medieval Saudi Arabia, waging unnecessary wars antagonizing generations of young muslims etc, etc we're facing a murky future
    • Mr. Vidal needed to speak this way to keep his new acquired nationality.
      Pathetic ignorant layer
      Mr. Vidal if you care about changing the world why cant you go back and start with India?
    • You can debate all you want,truth is , your never gonna change thousands of years of History ....
      not gonna happen , the dath cult must be eliminated , soon as you leftist/commuist understand that , the better off we all will be.
      For you dope smoking hippies ..think of it as the food chain ....bigger fish eats smaller fish.you cannot change History.
    • I think Mr. Vidal is confusing religious arrogance with American arrogance. The U.S. and Arabia are very religious areas of the world. Their religious leaders tell them that they are the chosen people. It's only natural that this feeling translates into government policies. There's a natural conflict here.
    • The U.S. uses religious for mean political order in the nation.
      U.S.A. is probably the least religious country in the world. America has astounding amounts of agnostics, atheists, and mystics.
    • @StarofEthiopia And far more Christians than the idiots you mentioned.
    • My word, what an odious self-satisfied little twerp Vidal is.
    • very poor moderator
      unfinished discussion.
    • I love a good debate!
    • I do not give a dam why anyone hates us.
      We are not a perfect country and neighter are they.
    • Gore: You are a conspiracy spreading nutcase.
      Dinesh: America is not the only country people are migrating to, or have migrated to.
      There is little intellectual contribution at this table.
    • Are we REALLY to believe that the Islamists hate America just because they're jealous of our freedom and the lack of freedom in their own states? What idiocy! If jealousy were the reason for terrorism, think of how much terrorism there would be worldwide! We'd have dozens of terrorist groups bombing dozens of free nations at the same time. It'd be chaos.
      D'Souza also published some ridiculous book a few years ago blaming the "cultural left" (whatever that is) for 9/11. Lol
    • I think it goes back about 5-7 thousand years ago ...
      I wouldn't expect a dope smoking hippie to understand.
    • D'Souza's view is so out of touch with reality. Only neocons believe that nonsense. Higgs and Vidal were right on the money. I mean, if the whole "they hate us for our freedom" thesis were true, why do the Islamists mainly hate the US?? Why don't Europe and Latin America produce the same enmity? After all, the Enlightenment started in Europe, and Latin America is pretty democratic these days and has been for quite a while now. Or the Eastern Europe states that became democratic?
    • 'Why don't Europe and Latin America produce the same enmity?'
      Europe does generate that enmity - hence bombings in Spain and Britain, riots in France... Latin America is not free.
      America is the pre-eminent example of freedom worldwide (despite recent incompetent administrations) and is thus the pre-eminent victim of irrational hate.
    • Spain and Britain were attacked by Muslim terrorists because both were participants in the Iraq War. In the case of Britain, MI5 conceded that the Iraq war precipitated the terrorist attacks. There's no need to deny what Western intelligence agencies say.