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15 November 2015

Paris Attacks & Genesis of Terrorism

911 was the turning point in the fight against Al Qaeda. Paris may well prove to be the turning point in the fight against the militant group calling itself the Daesh (Un-Islamic State). If that fight is to be won, however, the nature of the threat must be understood and the instruments and policies used to fight it informed by lessons of the past, particularly those in the global fight against Islamist militancy over the past decade and a half. The eerie similarities between the Peshawar and Paris attacks all underscore a simple truth: radicalised militants view everyone as an enemy — Muslims, Christians, Hindus, non-believers, everyone. 

Just as Al Qaeda killed indiscriminately, so does Daesh (Un-IS). Yes, religiously inspired militants claim to be following the tenets of Islam, but they are wrong. And there is no more obvious refutation of that claim than by looking at the identity of the victims of Islamist militancy globally. Al Qaeda was a threat to the civilised world, as is Daesh now.
Daesh wrongly called IS or Islamic State is neither Islamic nor State. It came in to existence due to US policies and Sectarian pro Shia policies of Shia Iraqi regime supported by Iran. Now both fighting it. Daesh occupies land locked are surrounded by its opponents. Mysteriously it is getting latest weapons, logistic support and money. It generate bulk of its revenue through sale of oil, but who are sellers and buyers? Why cant US and the world dry up its resources and eliminate it with financial and military might? 
Since its not being done, many questions have been raised with logical rational proofs of covert US and Western support to Daesh to fulfil their imperial agenda. Keep reading >>>>>> 

Mistake of Invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair:  http://peace-forum.blogspot.com/2015/10/tony-blair-didn-see-people-he-saw.html

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